The Champions League 2015 lineup announced

The Champions League has announced which teams will be competing in the prestigious, invite-only competition-turned-movie. The following teams will compete on March 21, 2015 in Los Angeles, and will be featured in next The Champions League movie due out next spring.

champions league list



All Star Athletics Lucky 7 – Small Coed 5
Brandon All-stars Senior White – Small Senior 5
Cheer Athletics Junglecats – Medium Coed 5
Cheer Extreme Smoex – Medium Coed 5
CHEERFORCE Blackout – Medium Coed 5
Five Star Athletics Dream – Small Coed 5
Green Bay Elite Lime – Small Senior 5
Louisiana Cheer Force Gold – Small Coed 5

Midwest Cheer Elite Diamond Kats – Small Coed 5
Midwest Cheer Elite Femme Feline – Medium Senior 5
Oregon Dream Teams Dream – Medium Coed 5
Pacific Coast Magic Fantasy – Small Senior 5
Pacific Coast Magic Mysterious – Small Coed 5
Reno Elite Teal – Small Coed 5
Woodlands Elite Black Ops – Medium Coed 5
Top Gun All Stars Lady Jags – Medium Senior 5

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