2017 World University Cheerleading Championship

On the same weekend as UCA College Nationals, another event was also being held at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex. The International Cheer Union hosted their annual World University Cheerleading Championships, which was open to collegiate teams from all over the globe. Several of UCA’s competitors chose to participate in the WUCC representing the United States in the premier all girl, premier small coed, and premier large coed divisions.

In the three premier divisions, US teams came away with the gold, however Canadian and Puerto Rican teams scored high enough to take home some bronze and silver medals of their own. In the lower-level elite divisions, Australia, Jamaica, and Japan walked away with victories. View a full list of results below, and browse photo galleries of the international teams’ exhibition performances here.

Team Cheer Elite All Girl

1. Otemon Gakuin University (Japan)

Team Cheer Elite Small Coed

1. Macquarie University (Australia)

Team Cheer Elite Large Coed

1. Caribbean Maritime Institute (Jamaica)

Team Cheer Premier All Girl

1. Hofstra University (USA)

2. University of Mississippi (USA)

3. Northern Arizona University (USA)

4. Memorial University (Canada)

5. Brock University (Canada)

6. Pennsylvania State University (USA)

Team Cheer Premier Small Coed

1. Pennsylvania State University (USA)

2. Drury University (USA)

3. Simon Fraser University (Canada)

Team Cheer Premier Large Coed

1. University of Mississippi (USA)

2. University of Puerto Rico Bayamon (Puerto Rico)

3. University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras (Puerto Rico)

4. University of Cincinnati (USA)

5. Sacramento State (USA)

6. Iowa Western Community College (USA)

7. Virginia Tech (USA)

8. University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez (Puerto Rico)

9. University of Colorado (USA)

10. University of Puerto Rico Carolina (Puerto Rico)

11. Northwest Missouri State University (USA)

12. Universidad de Tarapaca (Chile)