A Big Weekend for Cheerleading

The new year is here, and that means competition season is in full swing! This weekend marks the first big nationals weekend of the 2016 season, with two of the most anticipated competitions being held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For college cheerleaders, the weekend they’ve been looking forward to is here! Teams are already en route to Disney World to compete at UCA College Nationals. The event kicks off on Friday night with a stunt group competition, followed by the team competition on Saturday and the cutthroat D1A division finals on Sunday night. Also held on Sunday is the World University Championship, where cheer teams from all over the globe come to compete against each other for the honor of being named a World Champion college cheer team. The performance order for College Nationals and the World University Championship can be found here, and the entire competition can be viewed live online at Varsity.com.

         Halfway across the country, another huge competition is being held – this one marking the start of nationals season for all star cheerleaders! While the majority of teams heading to Indianapolis this weekend will be competing in Jamfest Super Nationals, a select few of the nation’s premier all star L5 teams have been invited to Friday night’s Majors competition. Teams were selected to attend the Majors based on their placements at Worlds and other big national competitions throughout the past two season. The lineup and performance order for The Majors is posted below, and the event can be viewed live on CheerLive.TV.

         Check back this weekend for more coverage of both events here on our website as well as on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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