California All Stars adding new Worlds team


The California All Stars has just announced that they will be adding a second Worlds team at their Ventura gym (home of the World Champion Smoed team). The new team will be coached by Smoed coaches Eddie Rios and Orby Orta. While a division has not yet been announced, California All Stars already has Worlds teams in Medium Senior 5 (Aces), Medium Senior Coed 5 (Black Ops), Large Coed 5 (Coed), International Open Coed 5 (Bangerz), Small Senior 5 (Lady Bullets), Small Coed 5 (Smoed), and International Open 5 (Sparkle). This leads us to believe that the new team will probably be either Large All Girl 5, International Open 6, or International Open Coed 6. When the division and team name are announced, we will let all of you know! If you are interested in trying out for the new team, email Eddie Rios at

UPDATE: California All Stars have announced that their new team will compete in the International Open 6 division.

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