Champions League 2 Preview

          This weekend Nfinity will host the second annual Champions League competition, one of the most talked-about competitions of the year. The event itself is held this Saturday and Sunday, with a Champions League Prom held on Friday night. The competition will be filmed for the second Champions League movie, which will see a limited release in theaters on Thursday, April 2, and Saturday, April 4.

            Twenty two teams from last season will return to compete against each other on Saturday night, leaving eight spots open for teams to play-in to the league. The play-in portion of the competition will take place on Saturday morning, with the eight highest-scoring teams advancing to the Saturday night competition. See below for a complete list of returning teams, as well as the list of teams eligible to play in to the league.


            Returning teams:

            Brandon Senior Black

            California All Stars Smoed

            California All Stars Lady Bullets

            California All Stars Black Ops

            California All Stars Aces

            California All Stars Coed

            Cheer Athletics Panthers

            Cheer Extreme SSX

            Cheer Extreme Coed Elite

            Cheer Extreme Senior Elite

            East Celebrity Elite C5

            GymTyme Platinum

            ICE Lady Lightning

            Maryland Twisters Reign

            Maryland Twisters F5

            Stingrays Peach

            Top Gun Large Coed

            Twist & Shout Obsession

            Woodlands Elite Generals

            World Cup Suns

            World Cup Odyssey

            World Cup Shooting Stars

            Play-in teams:

            Allstar Athletics Lucky 7

            Brandon Senior White

            Cheer Athletics Junglecats

            Cheer Athletics Royalcats

            Cheer Extreme Smoex

            CheerForce Blackout

            Cheer Tyme Love

            Desert Storm Elite Rage

            Desert Storm Elite Bliss

            Elite Cheer Stars

            Elite Cheer Michigan Venom

            Icon Envy

            Island Extreme

            Louisiana Cheer Force Gold

            Midwest Cheer Elite Diamond Cats

            Midwest Cheer Elite Femme Felines

            OC Allstars Black

            Oregon Dream Teams Dream

            PCM Fantasy

            PCM Mysterious

            Power Sacramento

            Premiere Lady Celebs

            Reno Elite Real

            South Elite Diamonds

            South Jersey Storm Lady Reign

            South Jersey Storm Avalanche

            Top Gun Lady Jags

            Ultimate Athletics

            Woodlands Elite Black Ops


We will post results on Sunday. Buy tickets to the Champions League 2 movie on

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