Cheer Alliance 2016

This weekend marked the first major cheer competition of the 2016-2017 season, where many Worlds contenders went head to head for the first time. The Cheer Alliance competition is new this year, with many of the country’s top gyms joining together to host this competition in New York City. While this competition may be “new,” in past seasons these teams previously competed against each other at a specialty competition called the Champions League, hosted by a different competition company. This year, the gyms involved decided they wanted to change things up by hosting their own competition, and holding it in December as a way to kick off “nationals season.” While they may have changed some things this year, they kept the play-in model of competition, with certain teams automatically being invited to finals based on their performance at the previous year’s competition, and other teams being invited to the play-in round, giving the top finishers in the initial round the opportunity to advance to finals.

On Friday night, athletes dressed up in their best formal wear to attend the Winter Ball; their first chance to socialize with their opponents this season. The play-in round was held on Saturday morning, with 18 senior level 5 teams hoping to score well enough to make it to Saturday night’s finals competition. The placements for the play-in round were:

Small Senior All Girl 5

  1. Cheer Extreme SSX
  2. Stingrays Apple
  3. Twist & Shout Lady Eve
  4. World Cup Blackout
  5. Bravo All Stars
  6. CNY

Medium Senior All Girl 5

  1. World Cup Zenith
  2. Twist & Shout Obsession
  3. ICE Weathergirls

Small Senior Coed 5

  1. PRO Athletics PROED
  2. Twist & Shout Diamonds
  3. Maryland Twisters Blackout
  4. East Celebrity Elite Empire
  5. Maryland Twisters Cobalt

Medium Senior Coed 5

  1. World Cup Omni
  2. East Celebrity Elite C5
  3. Core Athletix

Large Senior Coed 5

  1. Top Gun Large Coed

The following teams placed high enough to advance to finals: Twist & Shout Lady Eve (SS5), Stingrays Apple (SS5), Cheer Extreme SSX (SS5), Twist & Shout Obsession (MS5), World Cup Zenith (MS5), Maryland Twisters Blackout (SSC5), Twist & Shout Diamonds (SSC5), Pro Athletics PROED (SSC5), World Cup Omni (MSC5), and Top Gun Large Coed (LSC5).

Saturday night’s competition had teams showing off their routines on a national stage for the first time this season, and due to it being so early in the season and the amount of pressure on the athletes to be competing at such a prestigious competition, there were fewer hit routines than usual. Below, you will find a breakdown of the hits and misses of each individual routine.


Twist & Shout Lady Eve (Small AG) – 1 SF, 1 side pyramid omissions (multiple skills)

Cheer Extreme Crush (J5) – 2 BB

Stingray Apple (Small AG) – Tumbling falls

East Celebrity Elite JWOW (J5) – 1 SF, 1 Pyramid BB

Cheer Extreme SSX (Small AG) – HIT

Maryland Twisters Supercells (J5) – Pyramid omissions & timing issues, tumbling falls, 1 SF

World Cup Zenith (Medium AG) – HIT

Cheer Athletics Jags (J5) – 1 tumble fall

Twist & Shout Obsession (Medium AG) – 2 SF, 2 SB

World Cup Starlites (J5) – 1 SF, tumbling issues

East Celebrity Elite Fame (Small AG) – HIT

Maryland Twisters Blackout (Small Coed) – HIT

ICE Lady Lightning (Small AG) – 1 pyramid omission

Twist & Shout Diamonds (Small Coed) – HIT

Top Gun Angels (Small AG) – 1 SF, 1 SB, 1 tumbling fall, 1 pyramid fall & omission

Pro Athletics PROED (Small Coed) – 1 SF

Woodlands Elite Generals (Small AG) – 1 pyramid omission, tumbling issue

World Cup Omni (Medium Coed) – 3 SF

Cheer Athletics Swooshcats (IOSC5) – HIT

Top Gun Large Coed (Large Coed) – 1 SB

Spirix Athletics Ultraviolet (IOSC5) – 2 SF, 1 tumbling fall, 1 pyramid fall & omission

ICE Thunder (Small Coed) – 1 SF, 1 SB, 1 tumbling fall, 1 pyramid omission

Cheer Athletics Wildcats (IOLC5) – 1 SB, 1 pyramid fall

Brandon Senior Black (Small Coed) – 1 stunt missed body position

Cheer Extreme Cougars (IO5) – 1 SF, 1 SB, 2 pyramid falls and omissions

World Cup Odyssey (Small Coed) – 1 SB, 2 tumbling falls

Cheer Sport Sharks Great Whites (IO5) – 3 SF, 1 SB

California All Stars Black Ops (Medium Coed) – tumbling issues

Cheer Athletics Fierce Katz (IO5) – 1 SB, 1 SF, 1 pyramid bobble

Gym Tyme Platinum (Medium Coed) – 3 SF, 1 SB, 1 pyramid fall and omissions

World Cup Suns (Medium AG) – 1 SF, 1 SB, 1 tumbling fall

Maryland Twisters Reign (Medium Coed) – 1 SF (early dismount), 1 pyramid bobble, tumbling issue

East Celebrity Elite M5 Bombshells (Medium AG) – 1 SB, 1 SF, 1 basket fall, 1 pyramid fall, 1 pyramid bobble, pyramid omissions

Woodlands Elite Black Ops (Medium Coed) – 1 tumbling fall, omissions due to missing athlete

Cheer Extreme Senior Elite (Large AG) – 1 SB

Maryland Twisters F5 (Large AG) – 1 SB, 1 missed body position, tumbling issues

Cheer Athletics Cheetahs (Large Coed) – 1 SF, omissions due to missing athlete

World Cup Shooting Stars (Large AG) – 2 SF, 1 SB (missed body position)

Cheer Extreme Coed Elite (Large Coed) – 1 SB, tumbling issue, 1 SF

Cheer Athletics Panthers (Large AG) – 2 SF, 1 pyramid


In the end, there were some surprises that nobody saw coming. In the Small Senior Coed 5 division, first-year team Maryland Twisters Blackout ended reigning world champion Brandon Senior Black’s yearlong undefeated streak by outscoring them by 0.2 points. In the always-tight Large Senior 5 division, reigning world champions Maryland Twisters F5 scored 4th, with Cheer Extreme Senior Elite taking home the gold in that division. In the Large Senior Coed 5 division, the only team to play-in to the finals competition, Top Gun Large Coed, ended up beating out all the automatic finalists by almost 3 full points. And in one of the largest point spreads in the competition, Woodlands Elite Generals beat out second place team Cheer Extreme SSX by a whopping 6 points. Additionally, Cheer Athletics Cheetahs and Woodlands Elite Black Ops each took the floor without one of their flyers due to injuries in warm-ups, but both competed well enough to place second in their respective divisions. Another fun placement to note is that all Cheer Athletics teams placed within the top two in their division. For the International divisions, Cheer Athletics Wildcats took home the grand champion title, and in the Senior 5 divisions, Top Gun Large Coed won grand champion and will be receiving the prize of new Varsity All Star uniforms at Worlds 2017. It should be noted that at this competition, grand champions were not determined by their score in finals. Rather, they are voted on by both panels of judges. We’ve included a full list of final team placements and scores below for reference.

All in all, it was a great start to nationals season, with teams already showcasing massive difficulty and doing their best to capitalize on the Worlds scoresheet that was being used at this particular event. With so much skill and technique being shown so early in the season, we look forward to seeing how these routines will evolve throughout the season at the other major competitions before all these teams go head to head again at Worlds in April.

Junior 5

  1. Cheer Extreme Crush – 91.5
  2. Cheer Athletics Jags – 90.45
  3. East Celebrity Elite JWOW – 90.25
  4. World Cup Starlites – 88.7
  5. Maryland Twisters Supercells – 88.1

Small Senior All Girl 5

  1. Woodlands Elite Generals – 139
  2. Cheer Extreme SSX – 133
  3. ICE Lady Lightning – 131.9
  4. East Celebrity Elite Fame – 124.4
  5. Stingrays Apple – 118.4
  6. Top Gun Orlando Angels – 114.5
  7. Twist & Shout Lady Eve – 110.2

Medium Senior All Girl 5

  1. East Celebrity Elite M5 Bombshells – 121.4
  2. World Cup Suns – 118.4
  3. World Cup Zenith – 117
  4. Twist & Shout Obsession – 112.9

Large Senior All Girl 5

  1. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite – 130
  2. Cheer Athletics Panthers – 128.9
  3. World Cup Shooting Stars – 127.9
  4. Maryland Twisters F5 – 127.8

Small Senior Coed 5

  1. Maryland Twisters Blackout – 124.1
  2. Brandon Senior Black – 123.9
  3. Twist & Shout Diamonds – 122.5
  4. Pro Athletics PROED – 121
  5. ICE Thunder – 118.1
  6. World Cup Odyssey – 117.1

Medium Senior Coed 5

  1. Maryland Twisters Reign – 122.5
  2. Woodlands Elite Black Ops – 121.2
  3. California All Stars Black Ops – 116.7
  4. World Cup Omni – 111.9
  5. Gym Tyme Platinum – 109.4

Large Senior Coed 5

  1. Top Gun Large Coed – 138.1
  2. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs – 135.3
  3. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite – 128.1

International All Girl 5

  1. Cheer Athletics Fierce Katz – 119.5
  2. Cheer Extreme Cougars – 116.6
  3. Cheer Sport Sharks Great Whites – 116.2

International Coed 5

  1. Cheer Athletics Wildcats – 138.1
  2. Cheer Athletics Swooshcats – 132
  3. Spirix Athletics – 8