D2 Summit 2018 Results

On May 11-13, the top level 1-5R teams from small gyms across the country traveled to Disney World’s Wide World of Sports complex to compete at The D2 Summit 2018. Teams sought out bids to the exclusive event at various Varsity Brands competitions throughout the 2017-18 season for the chance to compete against the best of the best in their divisions. View results and photo galleries from select divisions below!

Small Youth 1

  1. Cheeriffic Allstars CCA Boss Ladies
  2. Evolution Cheer Teal Fury
  3. Texas Empire Fury
  4. Turners All Stars Fuchsia
  5. Corpus Christi All Stars Mako Sharks
  6. Cheer Coast Tropics RipTide
  7. Texas Storm Athletics Thunder
  8. One Elite All Stars One Destiny
  9. Triple Threat All-Stars Magik
  10. Arizona Spirit G Force

Medium Youth 1

  1. Florida Triple Threat Sassy Catz
  2. Champs Central Dazzles
  3. Central Illinois Athletics Lieutenants
  4. Beyond All Stars Charm
  5. A.K. Starz Elite Velocity
  6. Diamonds Infinity Athletics Crystals
  7. Houston Cheer Academy Nova Catz

Small Junior 1

  1. California Storm Frost
  2. Vault Elite Crossfire
  3. California Spirit Elite Diamonds
  4. Myrtle Beach Allstars Rip Curl
  5. Reign Elite Cheer Majesty & GymStars Elite Solstice (TIE)
  6. Palmetto Xplosion All Star Cheer Firestorm
  7. Terre Haute Cheer University Wolf Pack
  8. Mystic Elite Pisces
  9. Boca Raton Hurricane All Stars Black Wave
  10. Oshkosh Jets Ignite

Medium Junior 1

  1. Modern American Cheer Diamond Glitz
  2. Castle Cheer Factory Royal Divas
  3. Fusion Elite All Stars Junior Sparkle
  4. Hit Force Cheer Empire
  5. Northern Lights All Stars Lumineers
  6. Glenwood Springs All Stars Junior Explosion

Small Senior 1

  1. CAO Elite Queens
  2. Corona Stars Cheer Senior Nova
  3. Davis Allstar Gym Inc Force
  4. Corpus Christi All Stars Jaws
  5. Starstruck Stellar
  6. Las Vegas Elements Inferno
  7. California Spirit Elite Vogue
  8. Spirit All Stars Team Passion
  9. Elite All Stars Fame
  10. Florida Triple Threat Diva Catz

Medium Senior 1

  1. Spirit Athletics Vanity
  2. West Coast Rush Supremes
  3. West Coast Fame Allstars Radiance
  4. Fusion Elite All Stars Intensity

Small Youth 2

  1. Evolution Cheer Teal Reign
  2. Element All Stars Neon
  3. Triple Crown Elite Purple Reign
  4. TAI Black Ice
  5. Beyond All Stars Moxie
  6. California Flyers Blitz & Ammo Athletics Smoke Bombs (TIE)
  7. Idaho Cheer Topaz
  8. Extreme All Stars Youth Orange Divas
  9. Northern Lights All Stars Ice Queens
  10. South Georgia Allstars Divinity

Medium Youth 2

  1. Legendary Athletics Inspire
  2. Wake Forest All Stars Red Wolves
  3. CSA All Stars Heartbreakers
  4. Legends Cheer Academy II Deuces Wild
  5. Dynamic Cheer Voltage
  6. Premier All Stars #Dream

Small Junior 2

  1. Ultimate Cheer Lubbock Supremacy
  2. Palm Beach Lightning Sapphires
  3. Reign Elite Cheer Divine
  4. Desert Elite Mavericks Rogue
  5. Cheer Revolution Deuces
  6. Chico Cheer All Stars Glitz
  7. One Elite All Stars One Obsession
  8. G-Force All Stars Infinity
  9. CTA Highflyers Spitfire
  10. Legends Cheer Academy II Black Diamonds

Medium Junior 2

  1. Carolina Spirit Athletics Hammerheads
  2. Champs Central Glow & Cheer Craze All Stars J. Crew & Terre Haute Cheer University Power Rangers (TIE)
  3. Advanced Cheer Crew ACC Rockerz
  4. Modern American Cheer Diamond Ice
  5. Maine Stars Shimmer
  6. Knoxville Twisters Typhoons
  7. West Coast Rush Lady Sparkle
  8. Texas Elite Pistols

Small Senior 2

  1. Amistad Eagles All Stars AEA Purple Reign
  2. Matrix All Stars Attitude
  3. Dynasty Spirit Elite All Star Red Flames
  4. Champion All-Stars Gold Rush
  5. San Diego Elite Tsunami
  6. VIP Athletics Prestige & Element All Stars Nitrogen (TIE)
  7. Elite All Stars Celebrities
  8. Davis Allstar Gym Inc. Fierce
  9. Evolution Cheer Teal Rage
  10. North Star Allstars Eclipse

Medium Senior 2

  1. Idaho Cheer Emeralds
  2. Beyond All Stars Bliss
  3. One Elite All Stars One Addiction
  4. Rock N Rolls Rage
  5. East Coast Xtreme Xcellence
  6. Central Valley Athletics Celebrities

Youth 3

  1. Cheer Craze All Stars Y3K BAE’Z
  2. University Cheer Air Force Inc. Blue Angels
  3. Savannah Sharks Angel Sharks
  4. Liberty All Stars Rogue
  5. LA Cheerz Allstarz Scarlet
  6. Revolution Cheer Company Sinister
  7. Rebelz Cheer Rampage

Small Junior 3

  1. Element All Stars Xenon
  2. United Rock Nation All Stars Hot Shots
  3. San Antonio Spirit Team Black
  4. Davis Allstar Gym Inc. Beast Mode
  5. Titanium Force Cheer Eclipse
  6. Terre Haute Cheer University Girls In Black
  7. Beyond All Stars Crush
  8. Perfection All Stars Pink Envy
  9. Ellenwood Starzone Lady Reign
  10. Evolution Cheer Teal Shock

Medium Junior 3

  1. Step Ahead All-Stars Starburst
  2. Valley Cheer Elite Titanium
  3. Modern American Cheer Black Diamonds
  4. Thunder Extreme Strike
  5. All 4 Cheer 3rd Degree
  6. North Coast All Stars Venti
  7. Spirit All Stars Team Int3nsity

Small Senior 3

  1. Georgia All Stars Dangerous
  2. Thunder Extreme Storm
  3. Mystiq Jewels Allstars Tanzanite
  4. California Pride Wild Fire
  5. Adrenaline Allstars Rage
  6. Quest Athletics Sergeants
  7. Knight Time Cheer Electric
  8. Studio All-Stars Lady Legacy
  9. Spirit Athletics Divas
  10. Chico Cheer All Stars Blackout

Medium Senior 3

  1. Southaven Wildcats Passion
  2. Full Out Tumble and Cheer Lady Lim3
  3. Champion Cheer Athletics Blaze
  4. Victory Vipers V3nom
  5. Power Cheer! Senior Savag3
  6. All That Sensations Cosmic
  7. East Coast Xtreme Xcalibur

Small Senior Coed 3

  1. Elite All Stars VIPs
  2. Cheer Craze All Stars Royal Obsession & Space Coast Cheer Vengeance (TIE)
  3. Arkansas Cheer Academy Generals
  4. Eastside Edge Envy
  5. Valley All-Stars Wildstars
  6. Big 10 Cheer Hat Trick
  7. Fusion Athletics Green Bay Blackout
  8. Diamond All-Stars Black Out
  9. Just Cheer All Stars Ignite
  10. I Force Cheer Royals

Medium Senior Coed 3

  1. Matrix All Stars Vengeance
  2. Advanced Cheer Crew ACC Platinum
  3. All 4 Cheer Wildfire
  4. One Elite All Stars One Desire
  5. Victory! All Stars Sapphires
  6. Island Allstars Zeta Omega
  7. Stevie’s Elite Athletics Green Intensity

Small Senior 4.2

  1. Terre Haute Cheer University Scream Team
  2. Titanium Force Cheer Odyssey
  3. California Flyers Air Force
  4. Fierce Cheer Elite Onyx & Starstruck Shade (TIE)
  5. East Tennessee Cheer Queen Cats
  6. Davis Allstar Gym Inc. TKO
  7. Champion All-Stars Senior Crush
  8. Perfection All Stars Purple Reign
  9. Fusion Athletics Destiny
  10. Xtreme Cheer Allstars Bel13ve

Medium Senior 4.2

  1. All That Sensations Platinum
  2. KCK Wildfire Shine
  3. Wake Forest All Stars Gray Wolves

Small Senior Coed 4.2

  1. California Pride Snowstorm
  2. Cheer Factory Majesty
  3. Maine Stars Flare
  4. CheerXperience Zelus
  5. Arizona Spirit Aviators
  6. Diamond Athletics Senior Royalty
  7. Elite Cheer Company Senior Sergeants
  8. Champion Elite Legacy Royalty
  9. CDA Xtreme Karma
  10. Mississippi Spirit Fire

Medium Senior Coed 4.2

  1. Texas Elite Snipers
  2. Premier All Stars #Xclusive
  3. Extreme All Stars TKO
  4. N.E.O. All Stars Bobcats
  5. Riot Cheer All Stars Renegade

Small Youth 4

  1. CAO Elite Reign
  2. Legends Cheer Academy II Royals
  3. Legion of Allstars Silver Bullets

Junior 4

  1. Victory! All Stars Blue Diamonds
  2. Fury Athletics of Madison Respect
  3. Extreme All Stars J Wild
  4. Gold Star Blaze
  5. Thrive All Stars Lady Pearls
  6. Odessa Extreme All Stars Sting
  7. GU Shamrocks Royalty & Mystiq Jewels Allstars Junior Diamonds (TIE)
  8. Maine Stars Pride
  9. Legendary Athletics Lady Legends
  10. Cheer Alliance Lady Bombshells

Small Senior 4

  1. Element All Stars Chrome
  2. Texas Cheer Allstars Ladies
  3. GU Shamrocks Vengeance
  4. United Rock Nation All Stars Bombshells
  5. San Antonio Spirit Team Pink
  6. Central Coast Elite C4
  7. Fusion Athletics Infinity
  8. East Coast Xtreme X4
  9. Haydens All Stars Vortex
  10. West Coast Fame Allstars Vanity

Medium Senior 4

  1. Turners All Stars Electric Blue
  2. Texas Elite Roulettes
  3. Gold Coast All Stars Rage
  4. Florida Team Cheer Smoke
  5. All That Sensations Diamonds
  6. Oregon Dream Teams Vanity
  7. Rocket Cheer Villains

Small Senior Coed 4

  1. Spirit Athletics Fame
  2. Knight Time Cheer Force
  3. Cheer Craze All Stars C4 Fierce
  4. SoCal Select All Stars Ambition
  5. Carolina Spirit Athletics Great Whites
  6. Blue Storm Athletics Black Ice
  7. Quest Athletics Black Ops
  8. Washington Extreme Obsession
  9. Beach Elite Cheerleading Tsunami
  10. Spirit All Stars Team Envy

Medium Senior Coed 4

  1. United All Stars Venom
  2. Idaho Cheer Obsidian
  3. Crowned Elite Athletics Solid Gold
  4. Premier All Stars #Fab4
  5. Ultimate Allstars Legends
  6. Lunar All Stars Impact

Small Junior Restricted 5

  1. Rocket Cheer Lady Legends
  2. Revolution Athletics Impact
  3. Total Cheer Empower
  4. Cheer Time Revolution Jr Heat

Senior Restricted 5

  1. Premier All Stars #LadyX5
  2. Rah Elite Allstars Onyx
  3. Texas Elite Lady Elite
  4. Double Down All Stars Elektra
  5. Maryland All Stars Great White Sharks
  6. Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading Generation X
  7. East Coast Xtreme XFACTOR5
  8. Envy Cheer Fame
  9. Buckeye Cheer Elite Pride
  10. World of Cheer Lady Jags

Senior Restricted Coed 5

  1. Cheer Factory Prestige
  2. Legendary Athletics Loyalty
  3. Summit Sports Center Everest
  4. Memphis Cheer Blue Diamonds
  5. LA Cheerz Allstarz Gold
  6. Full Out Tumble and Cheer Black Hearts
  7. Bluegrass Athletics Black Out
  8. Fury Athletics of Madison Genesis
  9. San Antonio Spirit Team Chrome
  10. Savannah Sharks Relentless

Small Junior 5

  1. Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading Future 5
  2. Rah Elite Allstars Moxie
  3. Luxe Cheer Purple Reign