Florida Top Dog Showcase 2015

We were in Largo, Florida last weekend for Florida Top Dog’s annual pre-season showcase! Worlds competitors are already familiar with their Small Senior Coed 5 team, Rain, who regularly put out strong performances in one of the toughest and largest Worlds divisions. This year, Rain is hoping to continue their tradition of excellence with even more impressive stunts and baskets than last season, as well as a pyramid that really shows off their flexibility and impeccable timing.

Florida Top Dog’s Senior 4 team, G4, is always a team to be on the lookout for, and this season they are hoping to win their FOURTH consecutive Summit title. And judging from their showcase, they are well on their way to achieving their goal! Their routine starts with a bang – tossing some of the highest baskets we’ve ever seen! We especially loved their pyramid this year, which includes the inverts that Florida Top Dog is known for.

Another strong team to look for this season is Mist, who worked some awesome transitions into their routine, along with high-flying baskets and some cool choreography incorporating the boys in their routine!

Props have made their way back into all star routines, but Sleet has a prop in their dance that we haven’t seen in a cheer routine before – check out our photos from the showcase to find out what it is! Another trend that we’ve started to see in routines are falling scorpions, something that Sleet puts a unique twist on after their stunt section.

Ice, their Junior 2 team, caught our eye with their fun dance section, set to some old-school throwback tunes! Their solid stunts and gorgeous jumps round out their routine nicely, and are made even better by the amount of sass the girls bring to the mat.

One of the teams we always look forward to seeing most is Top Dog Too, who has gone viral in past seasons and are best known for their famous “round off back handspring full” tumbling pass. This season they’ve got even more tricks up their sleeve, with poms in their dance, and an amazing heel stretch at the end of their routine.

Florida Top Dog’s mid-season team, Pride, also had a memorable dance section, showing off excellent dance technique that we don’t typically see in cheer routines, including leaps and stretches! And Top Dog’s younger athletes on Drizzle and Teeny Weenys are already showing off awesome skills and timing, and kept all of us entertained with their adorable smiles and stunts!

We are very excited to see what this season has in store for all of these teams, and will keep you updated on their status throughout the season as they compete for Summit and Worlds bids. Browse through photos of their showcase below, and keep an eye out for Florida Top Dog this year!


Drizzle Photos

G4 Photos

Ice Photos

Mist Photos

Pride Photos

Rain Photos

Sleet Photos

Teeny Weenys Photos

Top Dog Too Photos

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