Florida Top Dog Showcase 2018

We were in Largo, Florida on Sunday November 4 for Florida Top Dog’s annual showcase. Teams spent all summer learning choreography and practicing their routines to perfection leading up to their debut performance this past weekend. The showcase’s first session was dedicated to the program’s younger teams, with the older teams performing during the evening session.

As always, all eyes were on the gym’s Worlds team, Rain, which competes in the Small Senior Coed 5 division. This team has steadily gained street cred in the past 5 years with high finishes at some of the most prestigious cheerleading competitions in the world, including NCA, UCA, and Worlds. Every year they seem to step up their game, and this year was certainly no exception! Rain’s routine is even more high-flying and action-packed than ever, with baskets that nearly touch the ceiling, and stunts that already have the difficulty in November that many teams struggle to reach in March and April. In such a stacked division, Rain is making sure they’ll have a big impact this year.

One of our favorite routines of the day belonged to Hail, the gym’s senior level 4 team. We can’t say enough about the creativity of their stunts and pyramid, and their choreography was so different and fun that it made their routine stand out in the best possible way! And what amazed us the most was their ability to hit their difficult routine so solidly, so early in the season. This is one team to watch out for this season!

Another one of the gym’s “can’t miss” teams is Rainbows, the special abilities team that captures the hearts of crowds everywhere each season. They can stunt, tumble, and dance with the best of them! By the end of their routine, the entire gym was on their feet cheering!

The team whose technique caught our eyes the most had to be Riptide (junior level 3), who had the most synchronized tumbling of the day. Not to mention the straight legs and pointed toes in stunts and jumps, alongside the big smiles on their faces. It’s always so refreshing to see a junior team pay attention to the little details that really make a routine look polished. It’s those little things that can often times make the difference between first and second place, so we have high hopes for Riptide at competitions!

And speaking of polished routines, we would be amiss to not mention Surge, the gym’s senior 2 team. They had one of our favorite pyramids of the day, and you can tell they’ve put a lot of work into it just by how solid and synchronized it looks. We love seeing a team that makes the most difficult part of a routine look so perfect and effortless, especially this early in the season. (Seriously, check out our photos of their pyramid, it’s flawless!)

Drizzle wins all the fierceness awards – the facials and attitude those kids brought to floor was unmatched by any of the other teams! They know how to PERFORM, and they wanted everyone to know it!

Flurry may be one of the younger teams in the gym, but you would never know it just by looking at their stunts. Their bases were as solid as the senior 5 team, and the flyers clearly have worked hard on perfecting their body positions. We love seeing a pointed toe from every flyer during every position!

Freeze was another team that may be young, but performs with the grace and poise of a much older and experienced team.  We loved the transitions in their routine, especially into and out of the pyramid. Florida Top Dog has always been one to stand out with their choreography and transitions, and this is evident throughout Freeze’s routine.

We also have to mention the gym’s youngest teams, Teeny Tinies, Teeny Weenies, and Youth Royals, who showed off their cuteness and smiles along with their new skills.

All in all, this season promises to be a big one for Florida Top Dog, with strong teams at every age and level. With so much difficulty and execution already packed into their performances, we can’t wait to see how their routines evolve throughout the year. We will be keeping an eye out for their program at the major competitions, and posting updates on Florida Top Dog’s teams on our social media. Scroll down to check out our photo galleries from the showcase, and best of luck to Florida Top Dog for the 2018-19 competition season!