Florida Top Dog Showcase

We were in Largo, Florida this past weekend for Florida Top Dog’s pre-season showcase. For those who don’t know, Florida Top Dog’s small senior coed team, Rain, made a strong finish at Worlds this year, beating out many storied SSC teams and making it to finals in a tough division of 98 total teams. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, Florida Top Dog’s senior 4 team, G4, are back to back Summit champions! Top Dog is fielding 7 competitive teams and 1 exhibition team this season, including their well-known national champion special needs team, Top Dog Too. At the showcase, we saw all teams perform, and were especially impressed with their junior 4 team, Mist. This is definitely a team to watch out for this season!

What most people will remember about TD’s teams this season are their difficult stunts, innovative transitions, and incredibly high basket tosses. All of their teams are already looking very impressive for so early in the season, and we can’t wait to see how they fare at competitions this year. In case you weren’t able to attend the showcase, we got tons of photos of all 8 teams so you can get a sense of how exciting and awe-inspiring their routines are this year!


Rain (SSC5)

G4 (Sr 4)

Mist (Jr 4)

Code Blue (Sr Coed 3)

Senior Silver (Sr 2)

U2 (Youth 2)

Top Dog Too (Special Needs)

Power Puppies (Mini Exhibition)

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