ICE All Stars Acquires Legendary Premier All Stars


ICE All Stars Expands Operations

ICE All Stars Acquires Legendary Premier All Stars

Algonquin, IL December 1, 2014 – ICE All Stars, a world class cheering, athletic and training facility, announced on December 1st the acquisition of an Algonquin based all-star gym. United by a common sports culture, Legendary Premier All Stars will adopt the ICE signature navy and gold in a recently finalized acquisition agreement. Located in Algonquin, Illinois and led by Glen Lee, the facility will be renamed ICE Northwest.

ICE All Stars is recognized worldwide as a top competitor in all-star cheerleading. “It is common that I am approached about different acquisition opportunities and this was a perfect fit,” reported Darlene Fanning, Founder and Director at ICE All Stars, Coach to world champion Lady Lightning, and once served on the USASF World Advisory Board. “The ICE All Star program is unique of its kind. While we are highly competitive and addicted to our top- ranking status, our core is family first. We are committed to cultivating a lifelong love of the sport and developing strong, responsible, and accomplished athletes.” Fanning further commented, “When I met the coaching staff, athletes, and parents at Legendary Premier All Stars, I could see they were a small gym, but they had a big heart. Their collective approach, philosophy and environment is closely aligned with the ICE tradition of excellence. It was evident that joining these families under the ICE brand would have profound positive outcomes for the athletes we serve.”

Legendary Premier will compete the final few competitions under their original name and uniforms, but under ICE leadership. “We hope to have them debut the ICE colors and uniforms starting January of 2015,” said Darlene Fanning. “We are glad to have them as part of the ICE Family and are excited to welcome them aboard.”

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