JAMfest Super Nationals 2017 Results


On January 21-22, cheer teams from all over the U.S. converged on Indianapolis for one of the biggest national competitions of the season, JAMfest Super Nationals. The event offered 5 paid bids and 10 at-large bids to the Cheerleading Worlds in April. The two-day event catered to all star, school, and rec cheer teams, with the vast majority of athletes competing in all star divisions. View a list of 2017 JAMfest Super Nationals results for Worlds divisions below, along with Worlds bid winners, and find full results here.

Paid Worlds Bid Winners

GymTyme Chrome

Cheer Express Miss Silver

Top Gun Lady Jags

Cheer Extreme SMOEX

Midwest Cheer Elite Diamondkatz

At-Large Worlds Bid Winners

Brandon Senior Pink

Cheer Extreme Shade

GymTyme Gold

Cheer Xpress Lady X

All Star One Lady Bang

Midwest Cheer Elite Femme Felines

Cheer Extreme Passion

GymTyme Platinum

Premier Athletics Michigan Xtreme Lady Legacy

Icon Cheer Lady Envy

Small Senior 5

1. Cheer Express Miss Silver

2. Green Bay Elite Lime

3. Cheer Xpress Lady X

4. All Star One Lady Bang

5. Midwest Cheer Elite Femme Feline

6. Premier Athletics Michigan Xtreme Lady Legacy

7. Icon Cheer Envy

8. Five Star Superstars

9. Ohio Extreme Queens

10. Crimson Heat 5 Alarm

11. Top Notch Cheer Queens

12. Premier Athletics Northern Kentucky Lady Leps

13. Cheer Legendz Pumaz

14. Step One North Phenom

15. Jersey Allstars Villains

16. KC Cheer Fearless

17. Infinity Athletics Pas5ion

18. NEO All Stars Panthers

19. ACE Lady Warriors

20. Indiana Elite Reign

21. Pittsburgh Pride All Stars Mane 5

Small Senior Coed 5

1. Cheer Athletics Charlotte RoyalCats

2. ICE Thunder

3. GymTyme Illinois Fever

4. Maryland Twisters Black Out

5. KC Cheer Fierce 5

6. Cheer St. Louis ArchAngels

7. Platinum Athletics Onyx

8. Ohio Extreme Royal Vibe

9. Vizion 20/20

10. Legacy Xtreme All Stars Diamondbacks

11. All Star One Big Bang

12. Charlotte All Stars Teal

13. Indiana Ultimate U5

14. Thrive All Stars Onyx

15. Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading Guardians

16. Cheer Zone Purple Reign

Medium Senior 5

1. Top Gun Lady Jags

2. New Jersey Spirit Explosion Fab5

3. Brandon Senior Pink

4. Cheer Extreme Waldorf Shade

5. Cheer Extreme Chicago Passion

6. ICE Weather Girls

7. Elite Cheer Stars

8. American Elite Allstars Celebrity

9. All Star Legacy Lady X

Medium Senior Coed 5

1. Cheer Extreme Smoex

2. Midwest Cheer Elite Diamondkatz

3. GymTyme Platinum

4. Step One XO

5. State All Stars Coed 5

6. CheerVille Athletics Anarchy

7. Bama All-Starz Black Diamondz

Large Senior Coed 5

1. ACE Cheer Company Birmingham Warriors

2. FAME Vengeance

3. ICE Radar

4. Spirit Athletics Affliction

International Open 5

1. Cheer Extreme Raleigh Cougars

International Open Small Coed 5

1. Indiana Ultimate Insanity

2. Peak Athletics 9Lives

International Open Large Coed 5

1. Top Gun OO5

2. United All Stars Eclipse

International Open 6

1. GymTyme Gold

International Open Large Coed 6

1. GymTyme Chrome

2. Michigan Storm Cheer & Dance Cyclones