National High School Cheerleading Championship 2019 Recap & Results

We were on scene at the National High School Cheerleading Championship in Orlando, Florida on February 8-10 to watch over 950 of the top high school cheer teams duke it out for the coveted white satin National Champion jackets!

The Varsity Coed divisions are always so exciting to watch, and this year was no exception. In the Large Varsity Coed division, Bartow High School took first place at Nationals on Saturday, and also won a World Champion title at the World School Cheerleading Championships on Sunday. The team showed up to Nationals with a renewed determination; the previous weekend they had hoped to win their 6thconsecutive state title, but lost to Fleming Island High School by less than a point. Their last National title came in 2016.

In Medium Varsity Coed, McCracken County High School continued their winning streak, bringing home their 3rdconsecutive win, and 4thoverall title. Meanwhile, in the Small Varsity Coed division, the battle was on between Blackman High School and Sparkman High School, which are the only two teams to win the division since 2003! In the end, Blackman came out on top, winning their 7thnational championship title (and third consecutive title!)

The all-girl Varsity divisions faced big numbers and fierce competition as they competed in three different rounds throughout the weekend. Fans packed the HP Field House on Saturday night and Sunday to watch the top teams in their divisions compete in finals and cheer on their favorites.

The Super Varsity divisions were the first to take the floor in finals on Saturday night, alternating between Di and DII. In Super Varsity DII, Bishop McCort High School was able to successfully defend their title, earning their 4thnational title and second consecutive title. The team considered this to be a rebuilding year, after losing 10 seniors last year. Adding to the challenge, this was the team’s first year in the Super Varsity division, as they previously competed in Large Varsity. In Super Varsity DI, Westlake High School brought a first place trophy back home to Texas, making this their 4thnational championship win. They previously had a three-year winning streak from 2013-2015, and came back strong this year!

Perhaps the most talked-about win of the weekend came in the Large Varsity DI division, where Fossil Ridge High School took home an unexpected win in an extremely tough division. What made their win so impressive was that this was only the team’s fourth time competing at Nationals, and their first time making it to finals! They were able to beat out several storied programs to take home their first National Championship win. In Large Varsity DII, Mount Sinai took home a win, after last winning the division in 2016.

Another first-time win came in the Medium Varsity DII division, where Pulaski County High School took first place. In Medium Varsity DI, Live Oak High School continued their dominance of the division, after winning in 2018, placing second in 2017, and winning in 2016.

The Small Varsity divisions were some of the deepest at High School Nationals, yet two teams were able to score first-time wins in both divisions! In Small Varsity DI, Boone County High School took home the white jackets for the first time. The highest the team had ever finished in the past was 4thplace. In Small Varsity DII, Lexington Christian Academy also won their first National title, after placing 5that last year’s competition. Interestingly, all of the top three finishers in the Small Varsity DII division hailed from Kentucky!

Congratulations to all of this year’s medalists, as well as all the teams who competed this weekend. View a list of medalists below, and a complete list of results here.

Small Varsity DI

  1. Boone County High School
  2. Los Alamitos High School
  3. North Laurel High School

Small Varsity DII

  1. Lexington Christian Academy
  2. Mercy Academy
  3. Perry County Central High School

Medium Varsity DI

  1. Live Oak High School
  2. Pendleton Heights High School
  3. Eaglecrest High School

Medium Varsity DII

  1. Pulaski County High School
  2. Rocky Point High School
  3. Bowling Green High School and MacArthur High School (TIE)

Large Varsity DI

  1. Fossil Ridge High School (CO)
  2. Centennial High School
  3. Rock Canyon High School

Large Varsity DII

  1. Mount Sinai High School
  2. St Huberts Catholic High School
  3. Baldwin High School (PA)

Super Varsity DI

  1. Westlake High School (TX)
  2. Houston High School
  3. Oak Ridge High School

Super Varsity DII

  1. Bishop McCort Catholic High School
  2. Bullitt East High School
  3. Liberty Christian High School

Small Varsity Coed

  1. Blackman High School
  2. Connetquot High School
  3. Bullitt Central High School

Medium Varsity Coed

  1. McCracken County High School
  2. Thunder Ridge High School
  3. Summit High School

Large Varsity Coed

  1. Bartow High School
  2. Graves County High School
  3. Brother Martin High School


Small Junior Varsity

  1. Franklin High School (TN)
  2. Athens High School
  3. Johnson High School


Large Junior Varsity

  1. St Huberts Catholic High School
  2. Bartram Trail High School
  3. Arlington High School


Junior Varsity Coed

  1. Stewarts Creek High School
  2. Fleming Island High School
  3. Bartow High School


Small Junior High

  1. Eastside Middle School
  2. Pikeville Junior High School
  3. Woodland Middle School


Large Junior High Results

  1. Houston Middle School
  2. Live Oak Junior High School
  3. Arlington Middle School


Small Varsity Game Day

  1. Montgomery High School
  2. Briarcrest Christian School
  3. Barnegat High School


Medium Varsity Game Day

  1. Madison Central High School
  2. D’Iberville High School
  3. Hendersonville High School


Large Varsity Game Day

  1. Live Oak High School
  2. Dutchtown High School
  3. Bloomington Jefferson High School


Super Varsity Game Day

  1. Desoto Central High School
  2. Johnson High School
  3. St Thomas More Catholic School


Small Varsity Coed Game Day

  1. Aloha High School
  2. Bentonville High School
  3. Polytech High School


Medium Varsity Coed Game Day

  1. Broken Arrow High School
  2. Downington West High School
  3. Barren County High School


Large Varsity Coed Game Day

  1. Lewisville High School
  2. Fossil Ridge High School (CO)
  3. Azle High School


Small Varsity Non Tumbling

  1. Costa Mesa High School
  2. Belle Chasse High School
  3. Marina High School


Medium Varsity Non Tumbling

  1. West Nassau High School
  2. Salmen High School
  3. Minnetonka High School and Brea-Olinda High School (TIE)


Large Varsity Non Tumbling

  1. Winfield High School
  2. Preston High School
  3. Pleasant Valley High School


Super Varsity Non Tumbling

  1. Hanford High School
  2. Mount Sinai High School
  3. Eastside High School


Junior Varsity Non Tumbling

  1. Houston High School
  2. The Ursuline School
  3. St Huberts Catholic High School


Junior High Non Tumbling

  1. Clay County Middle School
  2. Holy Ghost Catholic School
  3. Enterprise Junior High School


Small Varsity Non Tumbling Game Day

  1. Costa Mesa High School
  2. Auburn Mountainview High School
  3. Ruston High School


Medium Varsity Non Tumbling Game Day

  1. St Thomas Aquinas High School
  2. Kentwood High School
  3. Rivercrest High School


Large Varsity Non Tumbling Game Day

  1. Central High School
  2. Minnetonka High School
  3. Blue Valley High School


Super Varsity Non Tumbling Game Day

  1. Mount Sinai High School
  2. Marcus High School
  3. St Amant High School


Small Varsity Non Building

  1. Miamisburg High School
  2. Millard High School
  3. Kettering Fairmont High School


Large Varsity Non Building

  1. Springboro High School
  2. Centerville High School
  3. Franklin High School (OH)


Varsity Non Building Game Day

  1. Milford High School
  2. Centerville High School
  3. Miamisburg High School