NCA All Star Nationals 2017 Recap & Results

On February 24, all star cheerleaders from all over the country descended on Dallas, Texas for the largest cheerleading competition of the year, where over 1000 teams competed for the chance to win a coveted NCA National Champion jacket and trophy. Teams also battled it out for one of the 8 paid and 16 at-large Worlds bids, the 5 paid and 20 at-large Summit bids, and 2 paid and 20 at-large D2 Summit bids.

This year’s NCA All Star Nationals was very different from years past, where the competition has typically been three days long. For 2017, however, NCA extended the event to be four days long, with levels 1, 4, and 4.2 competing on Friday and Saturday, levels 2 and 3 competing on Saturday and Sunday, and levels 5, 5R, and 6 competing on Sunday and Monday. This change in schedule was created to allow more teams to compete, shorten the length of competition each day, and ease congestion at the Dallas Convention Center. But perhaps the biggest change was that the extra day allowed for level 4 athletes to compete in the coveted arena, which in the past has typically been an honor reserved for level 5 and 6 athletes. Another big change for this year’s NCA All Star Nationals is that the Tiny and Mini divisions were eliminated from the event and given their own competition on a different weekend.

Some of the most talked-about teams of the weekend competed in the International 5 & 6 divisions, which were dominated by Cheer Athletics teams. It was a great weekend for the mega gym, who walked away from the competition with 14 National Champion titles, including all 4 Open Coed divisions (Swooshcats in the International Open Small Coed 5 division, Wildcats in International Open Large Coed 5, Coalition 6 in International Open Small Coed 6, and Claw 6 in International Open Large Coed 6). This was an especially big win for Coalition 6, who can now say they’ve won the largest all star cheerleading competition as a first-year team.

Cheer Athletics also had a strong performance in the Large Senior Coed 5 division, but was edged out of first place by Top Gun Large Coed. Top Gun is now on a winning streak, having won Cheersport Nationals in Atlanta just a couple of weeks before NCA, and hope to continue the streak next weekend at the final leg of Varsity’s Triple Crown, the UCA International All Star Championship.

Speaking of winning streaks, Woodlands Elite Generals are building quite the legacy at NCA All Star Nationals. They walked away from the competition with their fifth straight NCA title in the Small Senior 5 division, beating out the reigning world champions Cheer Extreme SSX, who finished in second place, and the California All Stars Lady Bullets who finished in third.

The Small Senior Coed 5 division at NCA has been dominated by Brandon All Stars Senior Black since 2010, but this year a fall in semi-finals paved the way for Twist & Shout Diamonds to earn their first-ever NCA title in SSC5, beating out Brandon Senior Black by a narrow 0.02 points. Another first-ever win came in the Medium Senior Coed 5 division, where California All Stars Black Ops were able to outscore Spirit of Texas Royalty and Maryland Twisters Reign and bring home their first NCA megaphone trophy.

In the ever-popular Large Senior 5 division, the Stingray All Stars Orange also ended the competition with a first-ever NCA win in the LS5 division, with Cheer Extreme Senior Elite coming in second place and reigning world champions Maryland Twisters F5 finishing in third. And that wasn’t the only L5 NCA title that the Stingrays brought back to Georgia – their Medium Senior 5 team, Peach, also outscored every team in their highly competitive division to bring home National Champion jackets! Both teams have now won Cheersport National and NCA All Star Nationals, and are hoping to keep the winning streak alive at the UCA International All Star Championship in Orlando on March 11-12.

Look below to view Worlds bid winners and the top 10 results for level 5 and 6 divisions, or click here for a full list of results and divisions. Also, click the division titles to view photo galleries from the event!

Woodlands Elite Generals-10

Small Senior 5

1. Woodlands Elite Generals

2. Cheer Extreme Raleigh SSX

3. California All Stars Lady Bullets

4. ICE Lady Lightning

5. East Celebrity Elite CT Fame

6. Stingray All Stars Apple

7. Champion Cheer Heat

8. Green Bay Elite Lime

9. Cheer Express Miss Silver

10. Central Jersey All Stars Bombshells

Twist & Shout Diamonds-10

Small Senior Coed 5

1. Twist & Shout Diamonds

2. Brandon Senior Black

3. Prodigy All Stars Midnight

4. California All Stars Smoed

5. CheerForce Blackout

6. Cheer Athletics Charlotte RoyalCats

7. Central Jersey All Stars Team Gunz

8. Pro Athletics PROED

9. Maryland Twisters Blackout

10. ICE Thunder

Stingray All Stars Peach-15

Medium Senior 5

1. Stingray All Stars Marietta Peach

2. East Celebrity Elite Bombshells

3. California All Stars Aces

4. New Jersey Spirit Explosion Fab5

5. Spirit of Texas A-Team

6. Cheers & More Lady Respect

7. Elite Cheer Stars

8. Twist & Shout Obsession

9. Brandon Senior Pink

10. Woodlands Elite G.I. Janes

California All Stars Black Ops-20

Medium Senior Coed 5

1. California All Stars Black Ops

2. Spirit of Texas Royalty

3. Maryland Twisters Reign

4. Woodlands Elite Black Ops

5. Midwest Cheer Elite Diamond Katz

6. World Cup Omni

7. East Celebrity Elite Bomb Squad

8. Central Florida Athletics Jacksonville BlackJax

9. CheerVille Athletics Anarchy

10. Fire & Ice Allstars Hail

Stingray All Stars Orange-47

Large Senior 5

1. Stingray All Stars Orange

2. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite

3. Maryland Twisters F5

4. Cheer Athletics Panthers

5. World Cup Shooting Stars

6. ACE Cheer Company Hattiesburg Chiefs

Top Gun Large Coed-43

Large Senior Coed 5

1. Top Gun Large Coed

2. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs

3. California All Stars Cali Coed

4. Stingray All Stars Marietta Steel

5. ACE Cheer Company Birmingham Warriors

6. FAME Vengeance

7. ICE Radar

8. Oregon Dream Teams Dream

9. Cheer Eclipse Comets

10. Shockwave All Stars Code 5

Cheer Sport Sharks Great Whites-26

International Open 5

1. Cheer Sport Sharks Great Whites

2. Cheer Extreme Raleigh Cougars

3. California All Stars Sparkle

4. Cheer Athletics FierceKatz

5. Full House All Stars Jokers

6. Extreme All Starz Five Star

7. Alberta Cheer Empire Synergy

Cheer Athletics Swooshcats-1

International Open Small Coed 5

1. Cheer Athletics Swooshcats

2. Prodigy All Stars Blacklight

3. East Celebrity Elite Ladies & Gents

4. Stars Vipers Anacondas

5. All-Star Revolution Freedom

6. OC All Stars Black

7. Cheer Athletics Charlotte KingCats

8. Cheer Intensity All-Stars Cobras

9. California All Stars Regulators

10. Premier Athletics Nashville Majesty

Cheer Athletics Wildcats-21

International Open Large Coed 5

1. Cheer Athletics Wildcats

2. CheerForce Nfinity

3. Spirit of Texas Reign

4. Top Gun OO5

5. California All Stars Ghost Recon

6. Cheer Athletics Austin BlackDiamond

7. Xtreme Cheer Inferno

8. USA Starz Reign

9. Shockwave All Stars Electri5

10. Fire & Ice Allstars Open Fire

Cheer Athletics Coalition 6-22

International Open Small Coed 6

1.  Cheer Athletics Coalition 6

2. Tribe Cheer Tomahawks

3. Top Gun SICk 6

4. Ultimate Cheer Lubbock Royal Court

5. KC Cheer Fireball

6. Pumas Fierce

Cheer Athletics Claw6-12

International Open Large Coed 6

1. Cheer Athletics Claw 6

2. Champion Cheer Phoenix

PAID Worlds Bid Winners

Champion Cheer Heat (SS5)

Green Bay Elite Lime (SS5)

Cheers & More Lady Respect (MS5)

Elite Cheer Stars (MS5)

Spirit of Texas A-Team (MS5)

World Cup Omni (MSC5)

ACE Cheer Company Chiefs (LS5)

Stingray All Stars Steel (LSC5)

AT-LARGE Worlds Bid Winners

Cheer Legendz Pumaz (SS5)

Top Notch Cheer Queens (SS5)

Twist & Shout Lady Eve (SS5)

World Cup Odyssey (SSC5)

South Jersey Storm Lady Reign (MS5)

Twist & Shout Obsession (MS5)

World Cup Zenith (MS5)

Bama All Starz Black Diamondz (MSC5)

CheerVille Athletics Anarchy (MSC5)

State Allstars Coed 5 (MSC5)

Fire & Ice Open Fire (IOLC5)

Spirit of Texas Reign (IOLC5)

KC Cheer Fireball (IOSC6)

Top Gun SICk 6 (IOSC6)

Ultimate Cheer Lubbock Royal Court (IOSC6)

Champion Cheer Phoenix (IOLC6)