NCA Nationals Recap & Results

As always, NCA was one of the stiffest competitions of the season so far, with some teams winning leather jackets by just a few hundredths of a point. This year’s event was the biggest competition in NCA history, with over 1100 teams competing for 8 full paid Worlds bids, 16 at-large Worlds bids, 5 full paid Summit bids, and 25 at-large Summit bids. The jackets themselves were looking flashier than ever, with the addition of rhinestones to emphasize the embroidery on the back.

This season, all eyes are on the Large Senior 5 teams, who are in contention for the Varsity Triple Crown. Despite a few minor issues in their final performance, Cheer Athletics Panthers walked away with the top score in the division, beating out Cheer Extreme Senior Elite by only 0.03 points. World Cup Shooting Stars, who were the winners at Cheersport, placed third with a score of 96.29. Unlike last season, where Top Gun Large Coed won the Triple Crown by winning all three events, this season’s winners will be determined solely on the amount of points they rack up at Cheersport, NCA, and UCA.

Speaking of Top Gun Large Coed, they once again clinched the title in the Large Coed 5 division with a score of 98.24, beating out Cheer Athletics Cheetahs with a 98.09, and Steel Rays with a 97.45. In a surprising twist of events, Top Gun’s other World Champion team, Lady Jags, did not place in their Medium Senior 5 division. Peach Rays took gold with a 98.23, followed by FAME Super Seniors with a 97.63, and Spirit of Texas A-Team with a 96.30. Last year’s Grand Champions, CheerForce Nfinity, took home the gold again in the International Open Coed 5 division, beating out the World Champion Cheer Athletics Wildcats by 0.6 points.

In the much-anticipated Small Senior Coed 5 showdown at NCA, fan favorite Brandon Senior Black scored the highest score of the competition, with a 99.13, beating out Prodigy and KC Cheer by more than a full point. In what was perhaps the most surprising division at NCA, the World Champion ICE Lady Lightning did not place in the top 10. Woodlands Elite Generals took home the national champion jackets, with Cali Lady Bullets taking second and Cheer Extreme SSX taking third.

Not shockingly, the World Champion Twist & Shout Obsession won the Medium Senior Coed 5 division, and World Champion Cheer Sport Great White Sharks took gold in the International Open 5 division. View full results from NCA here. We will also have a photo gallery of some of the top Worlds teams from NCA that will be posted in the members-only section of our website within the next week or two, so check back frequently! Here are a few sneak peeks!

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