Small Senior 5 Worlds Preview

With the season coming to an end, and the World Championships less than a month away, we are taking a look back at each division throughout the season and letting you know what you should expect to see at Worlds. The first division we will be highlighting is the Small Senior 5 division, which happens to be one of the largest divisions at Worlds.

            The premiere Small Senior 5 teams met up in January for an invitation-only event – The Majors at JAMfest Super Nationals in Indianapolis. This event featured only the three most-recent World Champion SS5 teams – Cheer Extreme SSX (2016 World Champs), Woodlands Elite Generals (2015 World Champs), and ICE Lady Lightning (2014 World Champs). All three teams hit at The Majors, and they ended up winning the Division Champion award, meaning that the Small Senior 5 division had the highest average score out of all the divisions competing. With all teams hitting, the win went home with the team who had the highest level of difficulty. Woodlands Elite Generals outscored Cheer Extreme SSX and ICE Lady Lightning by almost a full point.

            In the first open national championship competition of the year, Cheersport Nationals in February, the Small Senior 5 division was broken down into two sub-divisions to accommodate the large amount of teams at the event. However, having just competed at The Majors a couple weeks prior, Woodlands Elite, Cheer Extreme, and ICE chose to sit out this competition in order to perfect and upgrade their routines before NCA. In Small Senior “A,” Cheer Express Miss Silver showed that they are a team to watch this season by scoring almost two full points higher than the second-place team, Twisters Gold. In Small Senior “B,” the Stingray All Stars Apple beat out Cheer Athletics Austin OnyxCats by almost a point and a half, and Georgia Heat Inferno rounded out the top three.

            At the most-watched and attended national championship of the season, NCA All Star Nationals in Dallas, the Woodlands Elite Generals walked away from the competition with their fifth straight NCA title. Cheer Extreme SSX finished in second place, and at their national championship debut of the season, the California All Stars Lady Bullets placed third.

            Which brings us to the most recent national championship, and the final big competition for most SS5 teams before Worlds, the UCA International All Star Championship in March. The Stingray All Stars Apple clinched their second big win of the season, while Top Gun Angels and Cheer Athletics Austin OnyxCats came in second and third, respectively.

            As we look forward to Worlds, taking place in Orlando on April 29-May 1, we can expect Woodlands Elite Generals, Cheer Extreme SSX, ICE Lady Lightning, and the Stingray All Stars Apple to be the teams to beat. But several other teams have been gaining strength throughout the season and may end up being forces to contend with at Worlds. This includes Cheer Athletics Austin OnyxCats, who placed within the top three at Cheersport and UCA; Cheer Express Miss Silver, who demolished their competition at Cheersport and placed a respectable 4th at UCA; and the California All Stars Lady Bullets, who placed 3rd in Dallas and are always strong competitors. On Worlds weekend, the Small Senior 5 division is so large that it will once again be broken up into two subdivisions for prelims on that Saturday, where teams with At-Large bids will compete. The top 10 teams from each subdivision will move on to semi-finals on that Sunday to compete against paid bid teams, with finals for the Small Senior 5 division falling on Monday, May 1.

            We’ve compiled a list of competition results from this season for you to compare results and get your Worlds predictions ready. Good luck to all teams competing in the Small Senior 5 division, we will see you all at Worlds!

The Majors

The Majors (January 2017)

1. Woodlands Elite Generals

2. Cheer Extreme SSX

3. ICE Lady Lightning


Cheersport Nationals (February 2017)

Division “A”

1. Cheer Express Miss Silver

2. Twisters Gold

3. Icon Cheer Envy

4. All Star One Lady Bang

5. Midwest Cheer Elite FL Solar Elite

6. Ohio Extreme Queens

7. Elite Heat All Stars 24K

8. Crimson Heat 5Alarm

9. Fire House Gym TNT Lady Boom

Division “B”

1. Stingray All Stars Apple

2. Cheer Athletics Austin OnyxCats

3. Georgia Heat Inferno

4. Top Gun Angels

5. PCT Cobras Vengeance

6. Five Star Superstars

7. CNY Storm All Stars Warning

8. ACE Cheer Company Huntsville Lady Warriors

Woodlands Elite Generals-10

NCA All Star Nationals (February 2017)

1. Woodlands Elite Generals

2. Cheer Extreme SSX

3. California All Stars Lady Bullets

4. ICE Lady Lightning

5. East Celebrity Elite CT Fame

6. Stingray All Stars Apple

7. Champion Cheer Heat

8. Green Bay Elite Lime

9. Cheer Express Miss Silver

10. Central Jersey All Stars Bombshells

Stingray All Stars Apple-13

UCA All Star Championship (March 2017)

1. Stingray All Stars Apple

2. Top Gun Angels

3. Cheer Athletics Austin OnyxCats

4. Cheer Express Miss Silver

5. Twisters Gold

6. KC Cheer Fearless

7. All Star Legacy Lady X

8. Step One All Stars Phenom

9. Greensboro All Star Cheerleading Diamond Elite

10. Pacific Coast Magic Fantasy