Summit 2016 Wildcard Results

We spent today at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex watching as L1-L5R teams with Summit wildcard bids competed against each other for a chance to make it into Summit semi-finals or finals! Teams who placed first in their division at today’s competition automatically advance to Summit finals on Sunday. Teams who placed second today will advance to tomorrow’s Summit semi-finals competition. Below is a list of teams advancing to Summit finals and semi-finals.

Advancing to Finals

Cheer Revolution Allstars Fame – Small Youth L1

World Class Cheer Legacy – Large Youth L1

Nocona Cheer Unlimited Shining Stars – Small Junior L1

Starlite Legacy – Small Senior 1

Desert Storm Elite SoFab – Large Senior L1

Bay State All Stars Frost – Small Youth L2

Louisiana Cheer Force Ruby Red – Large Youth L2

Premier Athletics Nashville Empire – Small Junior L2

The California All Stars Livermore J2 Crew – Large Junior L2

Element All Stars Neon – Large Junior L2

Victory Cheer Vortex – Small Senior L2

Louisiana Cheer Force Scarlet – Large Senior L2

Cheer Central Suns Dazzle – Small Youth L3

Top Gun All Stars BB3 – Large Youth L3

The California All Stars Mesa Pistols – Small Junior L3

Cheer Extreme Raleigh Jr. 3lite – Large Junior L3

Rock Starz All Stars Sapphires – Small Senior L3

Extreme Cheer Company Poison Ivy – Large Senior L3

Cheer Nation Athletics Platinum – Small Senior Coed L3

Ellenwood Allstars Steele – Large Senior Coed L3

Cheer Athletics WonderKatz – Small Youth L4

Cheer Extreme Charlotte Fireflies – Large Youth L4

Twist & Shout Tulsa Junior Justice – Small Junior L4

Louisiana Cheer Force Rouge – Large Junior L4

Champion Cheer Fury – Small Senior L4

Cheer Athletics Charlotte Regal Cats – Large Senior L4

Central Jersey Allstars Stun Gunz – Small Senior Coed L4

Top Gun Allstars C4 – Large Senior Coed L4

Intensity Athletics Lady Lithium – Small Senior L4.2

Cheer Extreme Spotlight – Large Senior L4.2

Icon Cheer – Small Senior Coed L4.2

Cheer Extreme Raleigh Angels – Large Senior Coed L4.2

Cheer Factor Junior X – Small Junior L5

Cheer Extreme – Large Junior L5

Woodlands Elite Colonels – Large Junior Coed L5

FCA Gems Tanzanites – Large Junior Rest. L5

Cheer Extreme Salem Legacy – Small Senior Rest. L5

Cheer Athletics Charlotte ReignCats – Large Senior Rest. L5

Brandon All Stars Senior Midnight – Small Senior Coed Rest. L5

Pittsburgh Superstars Divas and Dudes – Large Senior Coed Rest. L5


Advancing to Semi-Finals

MAC’s All Star Cheer Youth White – Small Youth L1

First Coast Fusion Youth Fury – Large Youth L1

Spirit Xtreme Heart – Small Junior L1

Funtastics Articuno – Small Senior L1

Fame Athletics Black Gems – Large Senior L1

Elite Heat All Stars Scorch – Small Youth L2

Twist & Shout Youth Hope – Small Youth L2

Midwest Cheer Elite Lady Leopards – Small Youth L2

Central Jersey All Stars Young Gunz – Small Youth L2

Cheer Eclipse Shooting Stars – Large Youth L2

Tristate Athletics Super Surge – Small Junior L2

Fierce Athletics Tigerettes – Large Junior L2

Spirit Xtreme Honor – Small Senior L2

Cheer Eclipse Electra – Large Senior L2

Premier All Stars #Legacy – Small Youth L3

Louisiana Cheer Force Peach – Large Youth L3

Step 1 Allstars Fierce – Small Junior L3

Pacific Coast Magic Divine – Large Junior L3

World Cup Omega – Small Senior L3

Cheer Express Senior Navy – Large Senior L3

Rockstar Cheer Naples The Clash – Small Senior Coed L3

Clovis United Intensity – Large Senior Coed L3

Woodlands Elite Stealth – Small Youth L4

Cheer Extreme Raleigh Youth X/Sharkbite – Large Youth L4

Central Jersey Allstars Junior Gunz – Small Junior L4

Ellenwood Allstars Titanium – Large Junior L4

Nor Cal Elite Venus – Small Senior L4

Woodlands Elite Bombshells – Large Senior L4

Woodlands Elite Apaches – Small Senior Coed L4

Bullitt Athletics Fire – Large Senior Coed L4

Elite Heat All Stars Four Point Fierce – Small Senior L4.2

CC Champs Power – Large Senior L4.2

Royal Cheer Academy Pearl – Small Senior Coed L4.2

All Star One Little Bang – Large Junior L5

Cheer Extreme Lady Lillies – Large Junior Rest. L5

Elite Heat All Stars Spice Girls – Small Senior Rest. L5

Charlotte Allstars Storm – Small Senior Coed Rest. L5