Summit 2017 – Level 2 Results

Scroll down to view Level 2 results, and click on the pictures to view photo galleries of select divisions!

Small Youth 2

1. Ohio Extreme Glitter

2. Express Cheer Extravagance

3. Stars Vipers Pure Poison

4. Flip City All Stars Storm

5. Element All Stars Neon

6. Midwest Cheer Elite Lady Leopards

7. Spirit Xtreme Promise

8. Elite Heat All-Stars Scorch

9. New York Icons Prodigy

10. Rockstar Cheer Bangles

11. Excite Gym and Cheer Power

Large Youth 2

1. All Star Revolution Courage

2. Louisiana Cheer Force Ruby Red

3. SCV All Stars Youth Black (tie)

3. Cheer Athletics Cougars (tie)

5. Stingray All Stars Marietta Red

6. New Jersey Spirit Explosion FIRE

7. CheerVille Athletics Jokers

Small Junior 2

1. Pro Athletics VIPS

2. Premier Athletics Nashville Empire

3. Cheer Athletics Columbus BetaCats

4. CheerForce Orange County Fury

5. Brandon All Stars Junior Chrome

6. Rockstar Cheer Charleston Veronicas

7. CheerVille Athletics Mystique

8. Bravo All Stars Lady Warriors (tie)

8. Connect Cheer Northwest Gold (tie)

10. Pacific Coast Magic Arizona Charmed

11. Cheer Florida All Stars Gryphons

12. Rockstar Cheer Naples P!ink

13. SI Spirit Queens

Large Junior 2

1. Fierce Tigerettes

2. Python All Stars of Columbus Timor Pythons (tie)

2. FCA Gems Emeralds (tie)

4. Elite Cheer Michigan Infinity

5. California All Stars Deuces

6. Stars Vipers Rattler Reign

7. Triple Crown Cheer Company Royal Envy

8. Cheer Central Suns Glitter

9. American Cheer Jr Blue

10. Rockstar Cheer Raleigh No Doubt

11. Brandon All Stars East Junior Ruby

12. Cheer Athletics Katz

Small Senior 2

1. Cheer Factory Fusion

2. Cheer Factor Mirage

3. Shine All Star Cheer Chrystal Chrome (tie)

3. Celebrity Cheer Hollywood (tie)

5. Express Cheer Explicit

6. Prodigy All Stars Blizzard

7. Cheer Express Allstars Senior Heat

8. New Jersey Spirit Explosion HEAT

9. Diamonds All Stars Platinum

10. Iowa Elite Cheer Cedar Rapids Senior Black

11. Flip City All Stars Lightning

12. Ohio Extreme Majesty

Large Senior 2

1. Cheer Athletics Sabres

2. SCV All Stars Senior Silver

3. FAME All Stars VA Beach SIRENS

4. Louisiana Cheer Force Scarlet

5. Pacific Coast Magic Southern CA Lady Suns

6. SI Spirit Electric

7. Broward Elite Allstars Fierce Katz

8. Stingray All Stars Johns Creek Obsidian

9. Premier Spirit Athletics Lavender Crush

10. Star Athletics Senior Onyx (tie)

10. Jersey All Stars Sage (tie)

12. Peak Athletics CoEd Cats