The Majors 2016 Results

This past weekend marked the start of what many all star cheerleaders call “nationals season.” Kicking off nationals season was Jamfest’s annual The Majors competition, a selective, invite-only event featuring some of the best Level 5 teams form across the country. The competition was held on Friday night in Indianapolis, the day before Jamfest’s massive Super Nationals competition, which is open to all teams of all levels. The Majors is the first time many of these teams have competed against each other this season, and as such gives all the teams a chance to debut their routines to a big crowd. Many of the teams competing are former or current World Champions, so the level of anticipation for this event each year is very high, as teams fight to prove that they are the best of the best again in this new season.

In the Small Senior 5 division, Cheer Extreme SSX overtook the reigning World Champion Woodlands Elite Generals to win their division. In the much-watched Small Senior Coed division, last season’s fan favorite Brandon Senior Black won over Prodigy All Stars Midnight, who had been invited to the competition based on social media votes.  In the Medium Senior division, California All Stars Aces beat out reigning World Champion Stingray All Stars Peach, FCA Gems Onyx, and Spirit of Texas in a heated competition. Spirit of Texas’s Medium Coed team fared better, placing first against Twist & Shout Obsession and World Champions East Celebrity Elite C5. In the biggest division of The Majors, Large Senior 5, the Stingray All Stars Orange beat out Cheer Athletics Panthers, World Champion World Cup Shooting Stars, Maryland Twisters F5, and Cheer Extreme Senior Elite. And rounding out the competition in the Large Senior Coed division, Cheer Athletics Cheetahs took home the gold against the World Champions Cheer Extreme Coed Elite and the Stingrays All Stars Steel.

While this is just the beginning of the season, and these teams will have many other opportunities to compete against each other before Worlds in April, it was interesting to see how the routines stacked up against each other. It will be even more interesting to see who can hold onto their first place ranking next month at Cheersport Nationals, NCA All Star Nationals, and in March at UCA Nationals.

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