The Majors 2017 Results

The Majors

On the Friday night before JAMfest Super Nationals in Indianapolis, 23 of the best Senior 5 teams in the country went head to head in the nation’s premier invite-only competition. 2017 marked the sixth year of The Majors, and the event producers unveiled some new ways to spice up the competition for all 790 athletes that participated.

New this year, all six divisions competed against each other for the highest division total. The division champions (meaning all teams in the winning division) walked away with new Varsity V-Force cheer shoes. The Medium Senior and Small Senior divisions both had their fair share of hit routines, but in the end Small Senior was able to edge past Medium Senior for the win, with an average score of 96.523 for their division.

Other specialty awards include the fan favorite award, which fans could vote on for the 24-hour period leading up to The Majors. In a surprise twist, the award went to newcomers Rockstar Cheer Beatles, who made their first appearance at the event this year. The Major Building award, which went to the team with the highest combined building score, went to Top Gun Large Coed for their always-innovative stunts and pyramids. The Major Tumbling award went home with Cheer Athletics Cheetahs, who had the highest combined running tumbling and standing tumbling scores.

In the Small Senior division, it was hit after hit for the teams, which included ICE Lady Lightning, Woodlands Elite Generals, and Cheer Extreme SSX. Despite all the hit routines, Generals were still able to outscore SSX and Lady Lightning by almost a full point due to the amount of difficulty in their routine. The Small Coed division, which featured World Cup Odyssey, Prodigy Midnight, and Brandon Senior Black, showed the crowd what they’ve been working on, with reigning world champions Brandon Senior Black coming away with the win after falls from their competitors.

In Medium Senior Coed, Spirit of Texas Royalty beat out Rockstar Cheer Beatles and Maryland Twisters Reign to bring home their third consecutive Majors win. Stingray All Stars Peach was able to outscore California Allstars Aces by a half a point in the Medium Senior division, with Spirit of Texas A-Team and Fame Super Seniors coming in third and fourth places, respectively.

In the two largest divisions of the night, Large Senior and Large Senior Coed, competition was tough, with teams going against most of the competitors they will go up against at Worlds finals in April. In Large Senior, Cheer Athletics Panthers dominated The Majors with a hit routine, and beat out second-place Cheer Extreme Senior Elite by almost a point and a half. Reigning world champs Maryland Twisters F5 rounded out the top three. Large Senior Coed had some of the most difficult stunts and tumbling of the night, with both the Major Building and Major Tumbling awards going home with LSC teams. However, Cheer Athletics Cheetahs were able to hit a solid routine, and brought home a record FIFTH consecutive win.

Congratulations to all of this year’s Majors competitors, and a special congrats to the winners, who all took home special medal, banner, and backpack. View full results and scores from the competition below.


Small Senior

1. Woodlands Elite Generals – 97.07

2. Cheer Extreme SSX – 96.08

3. ICE Lady Lightning – 95.53

Small Senior Coed

1. Brandon Senior Black – 95.93

2. Prodigy Allstars Midnight – 94.50

3. World Cup Odyssey – 91.90

Medium Senior

1. Stingray All Stars Peach – 95.73

2. California All Stars Aces – 95.23

3. Spirit of Texas A-Team – 93.90

4. FAME Super Seniors – 94.57

Medium Senior Coed

1. Spirit of Texas Royalty – 94.83

2. Rockstar Cheer Beatles – 94.62

3. Maryland Twisters Reign – 93.27

Large Senior

1. Cheer Athletics Panthers – 97.70

2. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite – 96.37

3. Maryland Twisters F5 – 95.75

4. Stingray All Stars Orange – 95.53

5. World Cup Shooting Stars – 95.20

Large Senior Coed

1. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs – 97.77

2. Top Gun TGLC – 97.27

3. Stingray All Stars Steel – 96.37

4. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite – 95.23

5. California All Stars Cali Coed – 93.80