The Majors 2018 Team Announcements

The Majors have announced which teams will be attending their 2018 competition. The Majors will take place in Indianapolis on January 26, on the Friday night before Jamfest Super Nationals. This competition marks the first invite-only event of the season, where key players from the Senior 5 divisions go head to head, many for the first time. Invitations are based off of teams’ track records from previous seasons, including Worlds placements and prior Jamfest/Majors placements. View the list of teams and divisions competing at this season’s competition below.


SS5 – Woodlands Elite Generals, Cheer Extreme SSX, ICE Lady Lighting

MS5 – Top Gun Lady Jags, Spirit of Texas A-Team, Stingray All Stars Peach

LS5 – World Cup Shooting Stars, Maryland Twisters F5, Stingray All Stars Orange, Cheer Extreme Senior Elite, Cheer Athletics Panthers

SSC5 – Brandon Senior Black, Prodigy Allstars Midnight, Twist & Shout Diamonds, KC Cheer Fierce 5, Cheer Athletics Royalcats

MSC5 – Rockstar Beatles, Maryland Twisters Reign, Spirit of Texas Royalty

LSC5 – Cheer Athletics Cheetahs, Stingrays Steel, Top Gun Large Coed, Cheer Extreme Coed Elite, ACE Warriors