Tumble Tech showcase

         We were on the scene last weekend at Tumble Tech’s annual pre-season showcase, getting a sneak peek at their teams and routines for the upcoming season. Tumble Tech is currently in their 6th season of competitive cheer, with 10 teams ranging from tiny exhibition to small senior coed 5 and consisting of over 170 athletes. Most of you are probably most familiar with their Worlds team, Alpha, who made it to finals in the prestigious Small Senior Coed division last season. Additionally, ALL of their eligible teams made it to The Summit earlier this year, with two teams advancing to finals. (Wow!)

            Going into this season, their goal for all teams is to hit their routine. Tumble Tech owner and coach Krissy Kuna Walsingham told us, “We are always telling the kids to not worry about what other gyms are doing and just do the best that we can do.” They credit much of their success to their talented and motivated athletes, as well as their small, dedicated coaching staff. “We have all teams rotate between coaches,” explained Krissy. “This way everyone feels like a huge part of each team. Each coach offers something to each team, some are good at stunting technique and timing, while other staff focus on cleaning routines and transitions.”

            This season, Tumble Tech is taking their Senior 3, Senior 4, and Senior 5 teams to NCA All Star Nationals in Dallas for the first time. This is also their first year having a Senior 4.2 team. Aside from Alpha, keep an eye out for their Senior 3 team Delta, who has won UCA Nationals all three years that they have attended.

            All of Tumble Tech’s teams this season looked especially strong at their showcase, showing perfect technique when executing their stunts and tumbling. We got tons of photos of all teams that performed at the showcase, to give you a sneak peek of their teams this year. Make sure you check them out at Showdown in O-Town, NCA Sunshine Classic, The FL State Championships, Cheersport Nationals, NCA All Star Nationals, UCA Nationals, and Tournament of Champions later this season!


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