UCA 2016 National High School Cheerleading Championship

This past weekend, the best high school teams from all over the country gathered in Orlando, Florida for UCA’s National High School Cheerleading Championship. The 2016 NHSCC featured 680 teams comprised of 13,200 athletes, representing 31 states from across the U.S. This year’s competition was filled with tons of surprises, including a couple of new winners in divisions that have been primarily dominated by programs with a legacy of winning.

Fleming Island High School’s varsity team from Florida won their very first national championship in the Medium Varsity Coed division, after coming in second at last year’s competition. Sachem East High School from New York also won their very first title in the Large Varsity DI division.

In the Small Varsity Coed division, Sparkman High School from Alabama took home their 12th national title, beating out rivals Mater Dei High School. Florida’s Bartow High School scored their second national win, placing more than 3 points above their closest competitors. El Dorado High School brought home their third national win in the Small Varsity DI division, their third since they began attending in 2011. In the Small Varsity DII division, Pikeville High School won first place, and in the Medium Varsity DI division, Live Oak High School took home the title. In the much-watched Super Varsity divisions, Springfield High School from Pennsylvania took first in DII, and United High School from Texas brought home another win in the DI division. In another fan-favorite division, Large Varsity DII, Mount Sinai High School from New York brought home the trophy, while Corbin High School took home the win in Medium Varsity DII. Click here for a list of full results. We will also be posting a photo gallery in the near future featuring teams from many of these divisions, so keep checking back!


Small Varsity Coed

1. Sparkman High School (Photos / Video)

2. Mater Dei High School (Photos / Video)

3. Strawberry Crest High School (Photos / Video)


Medium Varsity Coed

1. Fleming Island High School (Photos / Video)

2. Davie County High School (Photos / Video)

3. Archbishop Rummel High School (Photos / Video)


Large Varsity Coed

1. Bartow High School (Photos / Videos)

2. Graves County High School (Photos / Videos)

3. Dyer County High School (Photos / Videos)


Small Varsity DI

1. El Dorado High School (Photos / Video)

2. Los Alamitos High School (Photos / Video)

3. New Rochelle High School (Photos / Video)


Small Varsity DII

1. Pikeville High School (Photos / Video)

2. Burlington Township High School (Photos / Video)

3. Southwestern High School (Photos / Video)


Medium Varsity DI

1. Live Oak High School (Photos / Video)

2. Ravenwood High School (Photos / Video)

3. James Clemens High School (Photos / Video)


Medium Varsity DII

1. Corbin High School (Photos / Video)

2. Rocky Point High School (Photos / Video)

3. Bishop McCort Catholic High School (Photos / Video)


Large Varsity DI

1. Sachem East High School (Photos / Video)

2. Hunterdon Central High School (Photos / Video)

3. Santa Margarita Catholic High School (Photos / Video)


Large Varsity DII

1. Mount Sinai High School – NY (Photos / Video)

2. Madison Southern High School (Photos / Video)

3. Greenup County High School (Photos / Video)


Super Varsity DI

1. United High School (Photos / Video)

2. Westlake High School – TX (Photos / Video)

3. Har-Ber High School (Photos / Video)


Super Varsity DII

1. Springfield High School – PA (Photos / Video)

2. Bloomington Jefferson High School (Photos / Video)

3. Hewitt-Trussville High School (Photos / Video)

Junior Varsity Coed

1. Mater Dei High School (Video)

2. Sparkman High School (Video)

3. Bob Jones High School (Video)

Small Junior Varsity

1. Arlington High School (Video)

2. Lake Hamilton Junior High (Video)

3. Madison Central High School (Video)

Large Junior Varsity

1. St Huberts Catholic High School (Video)

2. Hunterdon Central High School (Video)

3. Ronald Reagan High School (Video)

Small Junior High

1. Eastside Middle School

2. Pikeville Junior High School

3. St Agnes Sacred Heart School

Large Junior High

1. Houston Middle School

2. Live Oak Middle School

3. Brentwood Middle School

Small Varsity Non Tumbling

1. Helen Cox High School

2. Montgomery Central High School

3. Belle Chasse High School

Medium Varsity Non Tumbling

1. West Nassau High School

2. Wellington High School

3. Pinelands Regional High School

Large Varsity Non Tumbling

1. Bethel Park High School

2. Northeast Lauderdale High School

3. Church Point High School

Super Varsity Non Tumbling

1. Nicholas County High School

2. Mira Mesa High School

3. Archbishop Wood High School

Junior Varsity Non Tumbling

1. St Catharine Academy

2. St Huberts Catholic High School

3. Salmen High School

Junior High Non Tumbling

1. Eastside Middle School

2. Holy Ghost Catholic School

3. Quitman Junior High School

Small Varsity Non Building

1. Springboro High School

2. Millard West High School

3. Kettering Fairmont High School

Large Varsity Non Building

1. Centerville High School

2. Miamisburg High School

3. Kenton Ridge High School

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