UCA College Nationals 2018

We spent the weekend at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex, where collegiate cheer teams from all over the United States gathered to compete at UCA College Nationals. This year was extra special, as the competition marked the official opening of Disney’s newest and largest sports venue, The Arena, created specifically for cheerleading and dance competitions. For College Nationals, The Arena was split into two stages, with one designated as the cheer side, and the other designated as the dance side. The HP Field House was still in use as well, with D1A teams and select other divisions competing and filming for television in their usual venue.

The Field House was packed on Sunday night for D1A Coed and D1A All Girl finals, where the University of Kentucky, University of Central Florida, and University of Alabama put up their usual fight for that coveted national title. However, this year The Ohio State University proved that they’re a force to be reckoned with, outscoring the University of Alabama to finish in third place behind UCF and Kentucky. The University of Kentucky nailed their routine in finals, scoring a 97.3 and wowing the crowd with their sky-high baskets and incredibly difficult pyramid and partner stunt sequences, to take home their 23rd national championship win.

In D1A All Girl, Indiana University has won five of the last six national championships, and came in second to the University of Alabama in 2015. However, the University of Oklahoma’s clean, deduction-free routine was enough to outscore both IU and Alabama, earning them their very first national title and the honor of being the only team in their division to hit a zero deduction routine in finals. University of Alabama finished in second, with University of Nevada Las Vegas rounding out the top three.

Another first-time winner took home gold in the Small Coed DI division, where last year’s second-place team, Purdue University, was able to outscore seven other teams during finals to claim their first-ever national title. Last year’s winner, the University of Memphis, was unable to break the top three this year, leaving Ball State and University of Alabama Birmingham to round out the top three.

The big winner of the weekend was Morehead State University, who took home first place wins in the DI Coed and DI All Girl divisions. The win marked the third consecutive title, and 26th overall title, for the Coed team. The All Girl team, who placed second last year, was able to walk away with their 12th win, their fourth win in the last five years.

University of Wilmington was able to keep their winning streak alive again this year, winning their seventh consecutive national title in the Small Coed DII division, with Drury University and Kutztown University finishing in second and third, respectively.

In the Open Coed division, last year’s winners Shelton State Community College took home their 11th consecutive national championship title, leaving Iowa Western Community College and Wallace State College with second and third place. The unbelievable dynasty of Shelton State has meant that no other team has won in the Open Coed division since way back in 2007! Over in the Open All Girl division, the two-time reigning champions, Nassau Community College, were able to successfully defend their title, taking home their third win.

The University of West Georgia had a great weekend at UCA College Nationals, bringing home their 22nd national title (and their fifth consecutive title) with a win in the DII Coed division. Meanwhile, their All Girl team finished in second behind Morehead State University in the DI All Girl division.

New to this year’s competition were the Game Day divisions, where teams compete their fight song routine, a timeout routine, and a situational (offense or defense) sideline routine. The focus of the Game Day divisions is to lead the crowd like the team would do at football games, so there are limitations on the stunts and tumbling that are allowed during these routines. Squads had the ability to compete in the Game Day division in addition to competing in their regular UCA competition division. A notable win came in the Open Coed Game Day division, where the University of Puerto Rico Bayamon won first place, after seeing their campus destroyed a few months ago by hurricane Irma.

View a full list of results from UCA College Nationals below. Congratulations to all of this weekend’s winners!

D1A Coed

  1. University of Kentucky
  2. University of Central Florida
  3. The Ohio State University
  4. University of Alabama
  5. University of Hawaii
  6. Washington State University
  7. University of Mississippi
  8. University of South Florida
  9. Western Kentucky University
  10. The University of Oklahoma
  11. University of Minnesota
  12. Louisiana State University
  13. University of Cincinnati
  14. Michigan State University

D1A All Girl

  1. The University of Oklahoma
  2. University of Alabama
  3. University of Nevada Las Vegas
  4. University of South Florida
  5. Indiana University
  6. University of Minnesota
  7. University of Massachusetts
  8. Rutgers University
  9. Western Kentucky University
  10. Central Michigan University
  11. Florida State University

DI Coed

  1. Morehead State University
  2. University of Delaware
  3. Tennessee Tech University
  4. Eastern Kentucky University
  5. Wichita State University
  6. Missouri State University

DI All Girl

  1. Morehead State University
  2. University of West Georgia
  3. Sacramento State University
  4. University of Delaware
  5. Stony Brook University
  6. Sacred Heart University
  7. University of Southern Indiana
  8. Long Beach State University
  9. Cal Poly Mustangs

DI Small Coed

  1. Purdue University
  2. Ball State University
  3. University of Alabama Birmingham
  4. Hofstra University
  5. Bowling Green State University
  6. Arkansas State University
  7. University of Memphis
  8. San Jose State University

DII Coed

  1. University of West Georgia
  2. University of Puerto Rico Bayamon
  3. Pittsburg State University
  4. Northwest Missouri State University
  5. University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez

DII Small Coed

  1. Wilmington University
  2. Drury University
  3. Kutztown University
  4. St. Edward’s University
  5. San Francisco State University
  6. Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Open Coed

  1. Shelton State Community College
  2. Iowa Western Community College
  3. Jones Junior College
  4. Wallace State Community College

Open All Girl

  1. Nassau Community College
  2. Suffolk Community College
  3. Westfield State University
  4. The College of New Jersey
  5. Widener University
  6. Rowan University