UCA International All Star Championship 2016 Recap & Results

      We were on hand at the UCA International All Star Championship in Orlando, FL for the final leg of Varsity’s Triple Crown. We spent all day on Saturday in Jostens at Disney’s Wide World of Sports, watching some incredible level 4 teams compete. While all the L4 teams did an amazing job, a few stood out to us above all the others.

     We of course have to bring up Florida Top Dog’s small senior 4 team G4, who is hoping to win their fourth consecutive Summit title this year.  They dominated their division at UCA, outscoring several other teams in one of the largest L4 divisions at the competition. One of our favorite things about this team is the incredible flexibility of all of their flyers, creating beautiful lines in the air during their routine. We also enjoy watching their pyramid, where they flawlessly perform inversions that even many L5 teams would struggle to master.

     Another L4 team that we have to mention is Cheer Extreme C4 Bombsquad, who won the Varsity Triple Crown in the large senior coed 4 division after winning Cheersport Nationals, NCA All Star Nationals, and UCA this season. With amazing standing and synchronized tumbling, as well as beautiful baskets and stunts, they didn’t leave any room for their competitors to outscore them this weekend.

     Another L4 team vying for the Triple Crown win was the Stingray All Stars Yellow large youth 4 team. They showed impeccable technique and timing throughout their routine, and beat out Cheer Extreme Fireflies to bring home the win at UCA and earning the Varsity Triple Crown Champion title.

     Our staff spent Sunday in the HP Field House watching L5 and L6 teams competing in finals, where we watched Brandon Senior Black win the small senior coed division, L5 grand champions, and take home their second consecutive Varsity Triple Crown win. They outscored every other L5 team at UCA with zero deductions both days and a final score of 98.9. However, another team to watch in their division is Florida Top Dog Rain, who came in second to Brandon Senior Black both days of the competition. Rain has gotten better and better each year, and this season earned a paid bid to Worlds thanks to their hard work and the amount of difficulty in their routine. We can’t wait to see how both of these small senior coed 5 teams will do next month at Worlds!

     In the small senior 5 division, the Stingray All Stars Apple took home the UCA champion jackets, which is a big feat for a team that just joined this tough division this year. They beat out storied teams like World Cup Suns and Top Gun Angels in one of the largest L5 divisions at UCA.

   In the cutthroat medium senior 5 division, reigning World Champions the Stingray All Stars Peach beat out Top Gun Lady Jags and Brandon Senior Pink by almost a full point, rebounding from their fifth place finish at NCA All Star Nationals last month. With so much talent packed into this division, it will definitely be a must-watch at Worlds!

     In another close division, large senior 5, the teams were so close that only two points separated the first and last place competitors on day 2. After a couple of deductions on day 1, Cheer Extreme Senior Elite bounced back from last place to first place on day 2, beating out the Stingray All Stars Orange by 0.13 and Maryland Twisters F5 by 0.18.  This division is really anybody’s game at Worlds, having been so close all season. The major players in this division have all had big wins so far this year, with Stingray All Stars Orange winning The Majors and Cheersport Nationals, World Cup Shooting Stars winning NCA All Star Nationals, and now Cheer Extreme Senior Elite winning the UCA International All Star Championship. It’s no wonder why this division is always a fan-favorite that ends up being sold-out at Worlds!

     Another fan favorite division is always large senior coed 5, where all the teams have also each had a big win so far this year. Top Gun Large Coed were the big winners of large senior coed 5 this weekend, beating out the Stingray All Stars Steel and Cheer Extreme Coed Elite. However, Steel beat out TGLC earlier this year at Cheersport, and both teams were beat out by Cheer Athletics Cheetahs at NCA last month. We can’t wait to see how this division plays out in 5 weeks at Worlds!

     In the open divisions, Alaska Allstars Black Ice wowed the crowd with their innovative pyramid unlike anything we have ever seen before, and ended up with the UCA champion jackets in the new international open small coed 5 division. In the  international open large coed 5 division, Top Gun OO5 dominated their competitors, beating out the second place team by almost 7 points, and also being awarded a paid bid to Worlds.

    The other teams awarded paid bids to Worlds were Top Gun Fierce 5 (medium senior coed 5), Cheer Athletics Charlotte Royalcats (small coed 5), Top Gun Angels (small senior 5), and Brandon Senior Pink (medium senior 5). At Large bids were awarded to Step Ahead (international open 5), Florida Triple Threat Golden Catz (small senior 5), Tumble Tech Alpha (small senior coed 5), FAME Finale (international open small coed 5), Indiana Elite Titanium (small senior 5), Carolina Spirit Athletics 5C (small senior 5), Step 1 Spectacular (small senior 5), Palm Beach Lightning Platinum (international open large coed 5), Midwest Cheer Elite Solar Elite (small senior 5), and Stars Vipers Anaconda (international open small coed 5).

     Scroll down for results, photos, and videos of this weekend’s winners, and click here for a full list of results from the UCA International All Star Championship 2016.

Small Senior 5

1. Stingray All Stars Apple (photos / video)

2. World Cup Suns

3. Top Gun Angels

Small Senior Coed 5

1. Brandon Allstars Senior Black (photos / video)

2. Florida Top Dog Rain

3. KC Cheer Fierce 5

Medium Senior 5

1. Stingray All Stars Peach (photos / video)

2. Top Gun Lady Jags

3. Brandon Allstars Senior Pink

Medium Senior Coed 5

1. World Cup Odyssey (photos / video)

2. Top Gun Fierce 5

3. ACE Cheer Company Warriors

Large Senior 5

1. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite (photos / video)

2. Stingray All Stars Orange

3. Maryland Twisters F5

Large Senior Coed 5

1. Top Gun Large Coed (photos / video)

2. Stingray All Stars Steel

3. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite

International Open 5

1. Cheer Athletics Charlotte Queencats (photos / video)

2. Step Ahead

International Open Small Coed 5

1. Alaska Allstars Black Ice (photos / video)

2. Stars Vipers Anacondas

3. Peak Athletics Plus Scratch Cats

International Open Large Coed 5

1. Top Gun OO5 (photos / video)

2. Palm Beach Lightning Platinum

3. PCV Potsdam Panthers (Germany)

International Open 6

1. Atlanta Jayhawks Shadow (photos / video)

International Open Large Coed 6

1. Shadow Cheer All Stars Celebrity (Germany) (photos / video)

L5 All Girl Stunt Group

1. Winterthur Warriors Blue Diamonds (Switzerland) (photos)

2. Shadow Cheer All Stars Red Ops (Germany)

3. Cheer Royalty Royals (Mexico)

L5 Coed Stunt Group

1. TSV Salzgitter Crumpact (Germany) (photos)

2. Provincia de Bolivar Latin Fire (Ecuador)

L6 Coed Stunt Group

1. Cheer Royalty Royals (Mexico) (photos)

2. Shadow Cheer All Stars Fierce (Germany)

3. TSV Ehmen Xtreme Rebels (Germany)

Youth Restricted 5

1. Cheer Extreme Youth Elite Butterflies (photos / video)

2. World Cup Twinkles

3. Maryland Twisters Super 5

Junior 5

1. Stingray All Stars Green (photos / video)

2. ACX Crazy Jags

3. Maryland Twisters Supercells

Junior Coed 5

1. World Cup Starlites (photos / video)

2. Cheer Extreme Crush

Small Junior Restricted 5

1. Infinity Allstars Junior Chrome (photos / video)

2. Twisters Chrome

3. Louisiana Athletics Smoke

Large Junior Restricted 5

1. Cheer Extreme Lady Lillies (photos / video)

Large Junior Coed Restricted 5

1. Stingray All Stars Royal (photos / video)

2. World Cup Starbrites

3. Cheer Extreme Princesses

Small Senior Restricted 5

1. Stingray All Stars Sugar (photos / video)

2. Cheer Extreme Legacy

3. Atlanta Jayhawks Platinum

Small Senior Restricted 5 DII

1. River Cities Cheerleading Senior 5 Rebels (photos / video)

2. South Georgia Allstars Legacy

3. Blue Storm Athletics Black Ice

Small Senior Coed Restricted 5

1. Memphis Pride Allstars Inferno (photos / video)

2. Top Gun ReTwisted 5 (tie)

2. Memphis Elite Blue Diamonds (tie)

Large Senior Restricted 5

1. Cheer Extreme Lady Elite (photos / video)

2. Stars Athletics Galaxy

3. World Cup Cosmic Rays

Large Senior Coed Restricted 5

1. Top Gun YOSO (photos / video)

2. Flip City Gym & Cheer Blackout

3. Stingray All Stars Spice

Small Youth 4

1. Louisiana Athletics Frost (photos / video)

2. Pride of Illinois Youth Pink

3. Indiana Elite FOURce

Large Youth 4

1. Stingray All Stars Yellow (photos / video)

2. Cheer Extreme Fireflies

Small Junior 4

1. KC Cheer Fantasy (photos / video)

2. Top Gun J4

3. Brandon Allstars Junior Silver

Large Junior 4

1. California All Stars Sable (photos / video)

2. Pro Cheer Falcons

3. Stingray All Stars Platinum

Small Senior 4 “A”

1. Florida Top Dog G4 (photos / video)

2. Cheer Florida Sea Warriors

3. Cheer Express Lady Camo

Small Senior 4 “B”

1. Fame Legends (photos / video)

2. Queen City Storm Lightning Ladies

Small Senior 4 DII

1. World of Cheer Vengeance (photos / video)

2. Pride of Illinois Pearls

3. Victory! All Stars Black Diamonds

Small Senior Coed 4 “A”

1. Cheer Extreme Prodigy (photos / video)

2. Planet Spirit Ice

3. Memphis Pride Quakes

Small Senior Coed 4 “B”

1. Tumble Tech Kappa (photos / video)

2. United Rock Nation Knockouts

3. Natural Venom All Stars

Small Senior Coed 4 DII

1. Maryland All Stars Great White Sharks (photos / video)

2. Central Mississippi Cheer CMC Coed

3. Storm Elite All Stars Avalanche

Large Senior 4

1. Stingray All Stars Ice (tie) (photos / video)

1. Cheer Extreme Monarchs (tie) (photos / video)

3. World Cup Galaxy

Large Senior Coed 4

1. Cheer Extreme C4 Bombsquad (photos / video)

2. Ultimate Allstars Legends

3. ACE Cheer Company Braves

Open Coed 4

1. Universidad Politencia Salesiana UPSG (Ecuador) (photos / video)

Senior 4.2

1. Stingray All Stars UV (photos / video)

2. Premier Athletics Michigan Xtreme XFactor

3. Storm All Stars Diamond Dust

Small Senior Coed 4.2

1. Cheer Express Princess Elite Coed (photos / video)

2. United Rock Nation Trendsetters

3. Tumble Tech Theta

Large Senior Coed 4.2

1. ATA Oxygen (photos / video)

2. Cheer Extreme Spotlight

3. Regio Cheer Rockets (Mexico)

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