UCA International All Star Championship 2017

This past weekend was a big one for all star cheer, especially for the Stingray All Stars and Top Gun All Stars, whose teams dominated the L5 and L6 divisions at the 2017 UCA International All Star Championship in Orlando, Florida. The UCA All Star Championship is the third leg in Varsity’s triple crown, after Cheersport Nationals and NCA All Star Nationals, and is one of the largest all star competitions of the season.

            The big winners of the event were Top Gun All Stars, whose Worlds teams walked away with wins in Large Senior Coed 5, International Open Large Coed 5, and International Open Small Coed 6, and the Stingray All Stars, whose Worlds teams swept all three Senior All Girl 5 divisions, and placed second in Large Senior Coed 5. Top Gun Large Coed, Stingray All Stars Peach, and Stingray All Stars Orange also won the additional title of Varsity Triple Crown champions, meaning they competed at and won Cheersport Nationals, NCA All Star Nationals, and the UCA All Star Championship in 2017.

            The competition was tough this year, with most teams hitting their routines during day 2 and the scores coming down to the degree of difficulty in each routine. The Large Senior 5 division in particular was a hit-fest on day 2, with three of the four teams hitting perfect routines for a packed HP Field House.

            In the Small Senior Coed 5 division, Brandon Senior Black was on a mission to win after a disappointing loss at NCA All Star Nationals just a few weeks ago. They nailed their routine both days, and ended up beating out Cheer Athletics Charlotte RoyalCats and KC Cheer Fierce Five, who rounded out the top three in that division.

            Step Ahead Cinco proved they’re a force to be reckoned with this season, placing first on both days in the International Open Small Coed 5 division and taking home the coveted black jackets. And in Medium Senior Coed 5, World Cup Omni walked away with their first major win of the year, and hoping to keep the momentum going in anticipation of Worlds next month.

            With the World Championships just a few weeks away, it was great to see so many teams hitting their routines with confidence. Now that all the major national events of the season are over, teams are spending the next month perfecting their skills and keeping their eyes on the prize – coming home from Orlando in April with a globe and some shiny new Worlds rings! Check out a list of L5 and L6 results and Worlds bid winners below, and view photo galleries of those divisions here. You can view a full list of results from all divisions on Varsity’s website.

Stingray All Stars Apple-13

Small Senior 5

1. Stingray All Stars Apple

2. Top Gun Angels

3. Cheer Athletics Austin OnyxCats

4. Cheer Express Miss Silver

5. Twisters Gold

6. KC Cheer Fearless

7. All Star Legacy Lady X

8. Step One All Stars Phenom

9. Greensboro All Star Cheerleading Diamond Elite

10. Pacific Coast Magic Fantasy

Brandon Senior Black-17

Small Senior Coed 5

1. Brandon Senior Black

2. Cheer Athletics Charlotte RoyalCats

3. KC Cheer Fierce 5

4. Florida Top Dog Rain

5. World Cup Odyssey

6. Tumble Tech Alpha

Stingray All Stars Peach-19

Medium Senior 5

1. Stingray All Stars Peach

2. Top Gun Lady Jags

3. World Cup Suns

4. Brandon Senior Pink

5. Cheer Extreme Charlotte Lady Elite

6. Connect Cheer Northwest C5

7. American Elite Celebrity

World Cup Omni-10

Medium Senior Coed 5

1. World Cup Omni

2. Step One All Stars XO

3. Central Florida Athletics Jacksonville Black JAX

4. Ultimate Allstars Super 5

Stingray All Stars Orange-33

Large Senior 5

1. Stingray All Stars Orange

2. World Cup Shooting Stars

3. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite

4. Maryland Twisters F5

Top Gun Large Coed-19

Large Senior Coed 5

1. Top Gun Large Coed

2. Stingray All Stars Steel

3. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite

4. Pro Cheer Eagles

BCA Cheerleaders Queens (Germany)-5

International Open 5

1. BCA Cheerleaders Queens (Germany)

2. TSG Salach e.V. Glamorous Girls (Germany)

Step Ahead Cinco-21

International Open Small Coed 5

1. Step Ahead Cinco

2. Cheer Athletics Charlotte KingCats

3. FAME Finale

4. New York Icons Entourage

5. Galaxy Cheer Force Recon

6. Central Mississippi Cheer Kaos

Top Gun OO5-1

International Open Large Coed 5

1. Top Gun OO5

2. Palm Beach Lightning

3. Cheer Athletics Austin Black Diamond

Top Gun SICk 6-22

International Open Small Coed 6

1. Top Gun SICk 6

2. Tigers Athletics Legacy (Canada)

3. Helsinki Athletics Cheerleaders Elephants (Finland)

Thundercats ADN (Ecuador)-6

International Open Large Coed 6

1. Thundercats ADN (Ecuador)

2. Rainbow IMPACT (South Korea)

3. Cheer Royalty (Mexico)

4. SKV Rot-Weiss Darmstadt Mighty Lions (Germany)

World Cup Twinkles-5

Large Youth 5

1. World Cup Twinkles

2. Cheer Extreme Youth Elite

Cheer Extreme Charlotte Princesses-8

Small Junior Restricted 5

1. Cheer Extreme Charlotte Princesses

2. Cheer Athletics Charlotte SuperiorCats

3. Georgia Heat Ignite

Cheer Extreme Lady Lilies-14

Large Junior Restricted 5

1. Cheer Extreme Lady Lilies

2. World Cup Starbrites

Stingray All Stars Green-10

Junior 5

1. Stingray All Stars Green

2. Step One All Stars Pretty

Cheer Extreme Crush-14

Junior Coed 5

1. Cheer Extreme Crush

2. World Cup Starlites

3. Flip City All Stars Crush

Infinity Allstars Lady Luck-11

Small Senior Restricted 5

1. Infinity Allstars Lady Luck

2. Elite Cheer Michigan Vortex

3. Memphis Pride Inferno

4. Brandon Senior Midnight

5. Cheer Extreme Salem Legacy

6. Zone Cheer Supremacy

South Georgia Allstars Legacy-11

Small Senior Restricted 5 D2

1. South Georgia Allstars Legacy

2. Prime Time Lady Onyx

3. Double Down Elektra

4. World of Cheer Wildcats Inferno5

5. River Cities Rebel Reign

Florida Top Dog Thunder-21

Small Senior Restricted Coed 5

1. Florida Top Dog Thunder

2. Memphis Elite Blue Diamonds

3. South Elite Diamonds

4. Raider Xtreme Plat5

5. Rock Solid Majesty

6. Legendary Athletics Lady Legends

7. Pro Cheer Ravens

8. Maryland All Stars Great White Sharks

9. ACE Cheer Company Seminoles

10. National Stars Senior Platinum

World Cup Cosmic Rays-6

Large Senior Restricted 5

1. World Cup Cosmic Rays

2. Twisters Steel

3. Turners All Stars Royal Blue

Top Gun YOSO-14

Large Senior Restricted Coed 5

1. Top Gun YOSO

2. Stingray All Stars Spice

3. Brandon Senior Titanium

4. California All Stars Live 5

5. Cheer Extreme Smoke

6. KC Cheer Ferocious

7. EDGE Cheer Obsession

PAID Worlds Bid Winners

Top Gun OO5 (IOLC5)

Top Gun Angels (SS5)

KC Cheer Fearless (SS5)

World Cup Odyssey (SSC5)

Twisters Gold (SS5)

AT LARGE Worlds Bid Winners

Step Ahead Cinco (IOSC5)

Tumble Tech Alpha (SSC5)

American Elite Celebrity (MS5)

Ultimate Allstars Super 5 (MSC5)

New York Icons Entourage (IOSC5)

Galaxy Cheer Force Recon (IOSC5)

River City Lady Sizzle (SS5)

Central Mississippi Cheer Kaos (IOSC5)