UCA International All Star Championship 2018 Recap & Results

The third leg of the Varsity Triple Crown, the UCA International All Star Championship, took place on March 10-11 at Walt Disney World’s Wide World of Sports Complex. Many teams saw the weekend as one last chance to go up against their biggest competition before Worlds and the Summit next month, in the same venues where those events will be held.

The division to watch was definitely Small Senior Coed 5, where the majority of the top teams in the country came together one last time to compete against each other before next month’s big Worlds showdown. Fresh off their win at NCA in Dallas, Twist & Shout Diamonds were the team to beat, with the reigning world champs Brandon Senior Black and former world champs California All Stars Smoed putting up a good fight to beat them. In a division so tough that any team could win on any given day, the top 5 rankings switched up quite a bit between days 1 and 2, with UCA newcomers California All Stars Smoed taking home their first-ever UCA jackets, Twist & Shout Diamonds landing in a close second, and KC Cheer Fierce Five making the jump from 5th to 3rd place.

In the newest Worlds divisions, X-Small Senior 5 and X-Small Senior Coed 5, all eyes were on the local Florida teams. Cheer Express Miss Silver has spent the entire season dominating the X-Small division, winning Cheersport, NCA, and being the only team this season to earn the Varsity Triple Crown by also winning UCA. As we gear up for Worlds in a month, Miss Silver is going to be the team that all the other X-Small teams are aiming to beat. We can’t wait to see if they’ll be able to maintain their undefeated season! In X-Small Coed, Broward Elite Kat 5 led the division after day 1, but Cheersport winners Extreme All Stars Senior 5 was able to make the jump from second place to first on Sunday, taking home their second set of jackets for the season.

In what many saw as an upset in Small Senior 5, Brandon Senior Pink dethroned Cheer Extreme SSX, who were going for the Varsity Triple Crown after winning Cheersport and NCA earlier this season. While Cheer Extreme SSX still remains a fan favorite heading into Worlds, Brandon Senior Pink has proved that they won’t hold back and that they have the skills to win against the top teams in their division.

The Medium Senior and Medium Senior Coed division winners came as no surprise, with Top Gun Lady Jags and World Cup Odyssey winning each division, respectively. Both teams settled into first on day 1 and were unable to be beat on day 2.

The Large Senior and Large Senior Coed divisions were noticeably smaller this year, with Cheer Extreme Senior Elite, Maryland Twisters F5, and Cheer Extreme Coed Elite declining to come to UCA this season. Stingray All Stars Orange and World Cup Shooting Stars went head to head, proving just how close their scores can be when they hit. Orange took the early lead on day 1, but Stars came back with a vengeance on day 2 and were able to clinch the win. In Large Senior Coed, it was an equally tight race, with Stingray All Stars Steel sitting in first on day 1, but Top Gun Large Coed nailed their routine on day 2 to seal the deal and win the division.

In the International divisions, newcomers Brandon All Stars Smoke took home the win in International Open Small Coed 5, last year’s winners and reigning world champions Top Gun SICk 6 successfully defended their title in International Open Small Coed 6, and Top Gun OO5 beat out tough competitors the California All Stars Ghost to claim the champion jackets.

View a list of level 5 and 6 results and Worlds bid winners below, and click here to see a full list of results from all divisions.

Youth Restricted 5

  1. World Cup Twinkles

Junior Restricted 5

  1. Stingray All Stars Royal
  2. Top Gun Fab 5
  3. World Cup Starbrites

Junior Coed 5

  1. Stingray All Stars Green
  2. World Cup Starlites
  3. California All Stars Junior Mafia

Small Senior Restricted 5

  1. Elite Cheer Michigan Vortex
  2. Florida Top Dog Thunder
  3. Step One Spectacular

Small Senior Restricted 5 D2

  1. South Georgia Allstars Legacy
  2. Double Down All Stars Elektra & Superstar Athletics VIPS (TIE)
  3. Maryland All Stars Great White Sharks
  4. World of Cheer Lady Jags

Small Senior Restricted Coed 5

  1. Memphis Pride Inferno
  2. Top Gun ReTwisted
  3. Zone Cheer Supremacy
  4. World Cup Cosmic Rays
  5. Peak Athletics Karma Cats

Small Senior Restricted Coed 5 D2

  1. Legendary Athletics Loyalty
  2. Memphis Cheer Blue Diamonds
  3. Savannah Sharks Relentless

Large Senior Restricted 5

  1. Twisters Steel
  2. Stingray All Stars Spice
  3. Vancouver All Stars Snow Angels
  4. World Cup Lady Rays
  5. Infinity Allstars The Queens
  6. PCT Cobras Rapture

Large Senior Restricted Coed 5

  1. Top Gun YOSO
  2. Brandon All Stars Titanium

X-Small Senior 5

  1. Cheer Express Miss Silver
  2. Cheer Fusion Perfect Storm
  3. Indiana Elite Black Reign
  4. River City Allstars Lady Sizzle
  5. Premier Spirit Athletics Platinum
  6. River Cities All Stars Rebel Reign
  7. Midwest Cheer Elite FL Solar Elite
  8. Alaska Athletics Black Ice

X-Small Senior Coed 5

  1. Extreme All Stars Senior 5
  2. Broward Elite Allstars Kat 5
  3. Ultimate Allstars C5
  4. Ohio Cheer Explosion X5
  5. Bama Blaze Cheer Armageddon

Small Senior 5

  1. Brandon All Stars Pink
  2. Cheer Extreme SSX
  3. Cheer Athletics Charlotte Lady Legacy
  4. Top Gun Angels
  5. Step One North Phenom
  6. Midwest Xplosion Blackout
  7. Upper Merion All Stars Royals
  8. Elite Heat 24K

Small Senior Coed 5

  1. California All Stars Smoed
  2. Twist & Shout Diamonds
  3. KC Cheer Fierce Five
  4. Brandon All Stars Senior Black
  5. Prodigy All Stars Midight
  6. Florida Top Dog Rain
  7. Cheer Athletics Charlotte RoyalCats
  8. Step One XO
  9. Top Gun Fierce 5
  10. Trilogy Sweet 16

Medium Senior 5

  1. Top Gun Lady Jags
  2. Stingray All Stars Peach
  3. World Cup Suns
  4. KC Cheer Fearless

Medium Senior Coed 5

  1. World Cup Odyssey
  2. Stingray All Stars Cobalt
  3. ACX Diamonds Diamond Daddies
  4. Central Florida Athletics Black JAX

Large Senior 5

  1. World Cup Shooting Stars
  2. Stingray All Stars Orange

Large Senior Coed 5

  1. Top Gun TGLC
  2. Stingray All Stars Steel

International Open 5

  1. Dolphins Cheer Community Salzgitter Lich Dolphins Divas (Germany)

International Open Small Coed 5

  1. Brandon All Stars Smoke
  2. Infinity All Stars Royals
  3. California All Stars Aces
  4. Cheer Athletics Charlotte KingCats
  5. Superstar Athletics MVP
  6. ACE Cheer Company Seminoles
  7. Galaxy Allstars G5
  8. New York Icons NOIR
  9. Wedel Satellites Cheerleader (Germany)

International Open Large Coed 5

  1. Top Gun OO5
  2. California All Stars Ghost
  3. Tumble Tech Code Blue
  4. Halifax Cheer Elite Blue Crew (Canada)
  5. TVC Allstars eXcite (Germany)
  6. Flames Allstars Inferno (Germany)
  7. Sieburger Turnverein Magic Saints (Germany)
  8. Piratas (Mexico)

International Open Small Coed 6

  1. Top Gun SICk 6
  2. Fuel Athletics Fuego

International Open Large Coed 6

  1. Patriotes de I’UQTR (Canada)
  2. Rainbow Cheer Impact (South Korea)
  3. Power Cats (Mexico)

Paid Worlds Bid Winners

Brandon All Stars Smoke (IOSC5)

Broward Elite Kat 5 (XSC5)

Cheer Athletics Lady Legacy (SS5)

Cheer Fusion Perfect Storm (XS5)

Infinity All Stars Royals (IOSC5)


At Large Worlds Bid Winners

Bama Blaze Cheer Armageddon (XSC5)

Elite Heat 24K (XS5)

Fuel Athletics Fuego (IOSC6)

Galaxy All Stars G5 (IOSC5)

KC Cheer Fearless (MS5)

Midwest Cheer Elite FL Solar Elite (XS5)

New York Icons NOIR (IOSC5)

Ohio Cheer Explosion X5 (XSC5)

River Cities Rebel Reign (XS5)

Trilogy Sweet 16 (SSC5)