Varsity announces switch to Varsity All Star Scoring System

Earlier this week, Varsity All Star announced plans to change the brand new comparative scoring system that they had instituted for this season. They unveiled the changes via the following email that was sent out to coaches and gym owners attending Varsity events this season. As of now, all Varsity All Star events will revert to being scored using the Varsity All Star Scoring System.

Gym Owners & Coaches –

Over the past several weeks we have received significant feedback from our customers in regards to scoring. The majority of this feedback has come from coaches and gym owners who participated in one of our three World Bids events or the over 100 championships we have hosted through December. In addition, we received input from our event directors, scoring managers, and judges regarding the scoring system. While we continue to support and believe in the overall mission of the USASF and the NACCC, including some type of comprehensive universal scoring system, Varsity has decided to do what we think is best for our customers for the remainder of this season.

Effective Immediately:

1. WORLDS DIVISIONS: At ALL Varsity events, Worlds Divisions will now be scored on the Varsity All Star Scoring system. CLICK HERE to view the updated scoring documents.

2. COMPARATIVE SCORING: While the idea of comparative scoring is inevitable when judging a competition, we are refocusing our efforts on awarding scores based on a comparison to what is allowed at each level and what is difficult at each level. This will provide more consistent scores across divisions and panels, and thus improving the accuracy of our bid processes.

View today’s Varsity All Star Fall Review recorded webinar by clicking HERE.

Thank you for your candid feedback. As always, we are focused and committed to this incredible sport. We are excited about this weekend and the rest of the 14-15 season. We appreciate the opportunity to serve the all star community and the chance to work with you directly on the continued success of our sport.


Justin Carrier

Vice President – Varsity All Star

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