World University Cheerleading Championship 2016 Results

While UCA College Nationals was happening at Disney World on January 17, many cheer teams from all over the world were also there to compete in the World University Cheerleading Championship. While several American teams took home titles in their divisions, teams from Australia and Canada also put on a strong showing. Monash University from Australia took home a World Champion title in the Elite Small Coed division, and La Trobe University brought a third place trophy in the Premier Small Coed division back to Australia as well. Canada’s University of Regina took home a World Champion win in the Premier Super Coed division, and Canadian teams placed 4th and 5th in the Premier All Girl division, just narrowly beat out by American teams that dominated the top three placements. The biggest division of the competition, Premier Large Coed, also had some of the biggest names competing for the World Champion trophy. Local fan favorite University of Central Florida went head to head against major universities like the University of Iowa, University of Mississippi, and University of Cincinnati, however it was Iowa Western Community College that came away with the win, beating out 11 other teams from the US, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. View full results from the competition below, and log in to your account to see photos of the World University teams during their exhibition at UCA College Nationals.

Hofstra University Small Coed-37

Premier Small Coed

1. Hofstra University (USA)

2. Wilmington University (USA)

3. La Trobe University (Australia)

4. Huizhou College (China)

Monash University (Australia)-24

Elite Small Coed

1. Monash University, Clayton Campus (Australia)

2. Bia Midas Cheerleading (Norway)

Iowa Western Community College Coed-25

Premier Large Coed

1. Iowa Western Community College (USA)

2. University of Central Florida (USA)

3. University of Mississippi (USA)

4. University of Cincinnati (USA)

5. Northwest Missouri State University (USA)

6. University of Puerto Rico – Bayamon (Puerto Rico)

7. University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez (Puerto Rico)

8. University de Costa Rica (Costa Rica)

9. University of Iowa (USA)

10. University of Colorado (USA)

11. Caribbean University (Puerto Rico)

12. University of Puerto Rico – Humacao (Puerto Rico)

Universidad Autonoma De Chihuahua (Mexico)-29

Elite Large Coed

1. Universidad Autonoma De Chihuahua (Mexico)

University of Regina (Canada)-8

Premier Super Coed

1. University of Regina (Canada)

Texas State University All Girl-30

Premier All Girl

1. Texas State University (USA)

2. Slippery Rock University (USA)

3. Pennsylvania State University (USA)

4. Brock University (Canada)

5. Memorial University of NL (Canada)

6. Northern Arizona University (USA)

7. Instituto Tech Estudios Superiores (Mexico)

8. Concord University (USA)

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