Worlds 2016 Recap & Results

This weekend marked the date of the biggest competition of all star cheerleading – Worlds 2016. All year, all star cheerleaders from all over the world have worked hard to earn a bid to Worlds and compete for the title of World Champion in one of the twelve divisions featured at the event. This year’s competition featured over 14,000 athletes from 490 teams, representing 30 countries from all over the world.

         New this year, the International Open Coed divisions were split into IO Small Coed (4 or less boys) and IO Large Coed (more than 4 boys), adding two more divisions to the competition than last year. While most divisions had their finals in the HP Field House, the fan-favorite divisions, Large Senior 5 and Large Senior Coed 5, had their finals on the Champions Stadium baseball field where they performed to a crowd of almost 10,000 people.

      This year marks the first time in 4 years that American teams have won gold in every division. The gym with the most wins this weekend was Cheer Athletics, who brought home the gold in Large Coed 5 (Cheetahs), International Open Large Coed 6 (Claw6), International Open Small Coed 5 (Swooshcats), and International Open Large Coed 5 (Wildcats). Also bringing home multiple golds was GymTyme, who took first in the International Open All Girl 6 and International Open Small Coed 6 divisions, and Spirit of Texas who took gold in Medium Senior 5 and Medium Senior Coed 5. But perhaps the most talked-about division of the competition was the Small Senior Coed 5 division, where fan favorite team Brandon Senior Black finally finished in first place, after placing second and third for the past 4 years despite having very successful seasons every year.

       Another division that had everybody talking was the Large Senior 5 division, where Maryland Twisters F5 beat out everyone in their division during finals. This division had been close all season, with each of the other “big 5” teams winning one of the major competitions throughout the year. F5 was the only one of the “big 5” who had not finished in first at one of the big national events this season, with Stingrays Orange winning Cheersport, World Cup Shooting Stars winning NCA, Cheer Extreme Senior Elite winning UCA, and Cheer Athletics Panthers winning Champions League. However, in such a tight division, it all comes down to who hits on any given day, and Sunday ended up being F5’s day to win!

     With the season finished for L5 & L6 teams, we would like to congratulate all of the divisions on all of their accomplishments this season. Just making it to Worlds is a big achievement, and everyone who performed this weekend looked amazing. View a list of top 10 teams in each division below, and check back soon for our Worlds photo galleries!

Small Senior 5


2. Woodlands Elite Generals

3. GBE Lime

4. ICE Lady Lightning

5. Top Gun Angels

6. ECE Fame

7. Stingray All Stars

8. Champion Cheer Heat

9. California Allstars Lady Bullets

10. Cheer Factor

11. Cheer Savannah

Senior Small Coed 5

1. Brandon Senior Black

2. Vizion 20/20

3. Prodigy Midnight

4. ICE Thunder

5. KC Cheer Fierce 5

6. The California Allstars Smoed

7. Florida Top Dog Rain

8. Twist&Shout Diamonds

9. Woodlands Elite Recon

10. GymTyme Illinois Fever

Medium Senior 5

1. Spirit of Texas A-Team

2. Stingray All Stars Peach

3. Fame Super Seniors

4. Top Gun Lady Jags

5. Brandon All Stars Pink

6. California All Stars ACES

7. Cheers & More Respect

8. Cheer Extreme Shade

9. ECE M5

10. South Jersey Storm

Medium Coed 5

1. Spirit of Texas Royalty

2. Maryland Twisters Reign

3. Rockstar Cheer The Beatles

4. California All Stars Black Ops

5. Twist and Shout Obsession

6. ECE C5

7. Woodlands Elite Black Ops

8. Ultimate Athletics Prodigy


10. Cheerforce Blackout

Large Senior 5

1. F5

2. Stingray Allstars Orange

3. Cheer Athletics Panthers

4. World Cup Shooting Stars

5. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite

6. Pittsburgh Superstars

7. Hot Cheer

8. KC Cheer

9. Flyers All-Starz

10. Cheer Extreme Ladies of Teal

Large Coed 5

1. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs

2. Stingray Allstars Steel

3. Cali Coed

4. Top Gun Large Coed

5. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite

6. Fame

7. Pro Cheer

8. Spirit Athletics

9. Ultimate Athletics

10. Cheer Eclipse

Open All-Girl 5

1. California All Stars Sparkle

2. Cheer Extreme Cougars

3. Cheersport Sharks Great Whites

4. ECE I5 Ladies

5. Flyerz Allstars Knockout

6. Outlaws Allstars Kelly Girls

7. Vancouver Allstars Ice Queens

8. Coventry Dynamite

9. Queensland Cheer Elite Diamonds

10. Unity Allstars Ruby


Open Small Coed 5

1. Cheer Athletics Swooshcats

2. Stars Vipers Anacondas

3. Spirit of Texas Remix

4. Mystic Allstars Mango 5 (Canada)

5. Kingston Elite Royal (Canada)

6. UPAC Allstars Rock Panthers (Chile)

7. Karma-Sports Jags (Canada)

8. Cardenales All Star (Mexico)

9. Wildcats Cheerleader Leverkusen (Germany)

10. Dynamite Dragons (Sweden)


Open Large Coed 5

1. Cheer Athletics Wildcats

2. California Allstars Ghost Recon

3. Stingray Allstars Electric

4. Flyers Allstarz Notorious (Canada)

5. Coventry Dynamite Ignite (England)

6. All Stars Legends (New Zealand)

7. Gold All Stars (Columbia)

8. Team Thailand (Thailand)

9. Rising Stars Midnight (England)

10. Infinity All Stars (Canada)

Open All-Girl 6

1. GymTyme Golden Girls

2. Viqueens Spirit

3. Flyers All-Starz

4. Cheer Athletics Ladyzkatz

5. RND Elite

6. Cheersport Sharks Grey Reef Sharks

7. Vikings All Stars

8. Cheer Galaxy

9. SC Bayer

10. Flames All Stars


Open Small Coed 6

1. GymTyme Jade

2. Cali Reckless

3. Vancouver Ice Out

4. Spirit Allstars

5. Flyers Allstarz

6. Premier Academy

7. UBC Tigers

8. Eintracht Frankfurt

9. Asane Seahawks

Open Large Coed 6

1. Cheer Athletics Claw 6

2. SCC Legacy

3. Flyers All-Starz Shock

4. Champion Cheer

5. Team Puerto Rico

6. Pacific Coast Magic Resurrection

6. Cheer Academy

7. Perfect Storm

8. FTG All Stars

9. Vaqueros

10. Victory All Stars