Worlds 2017 Recap

It was the year of the underdog at the 2017 Cheerleading Worlds! On April 29-May 1, the very best all star cheer teams from all over the globe met in beautiful Orlando, Florida to face off at the industry’s most prestigious competition of the season.

In the fan-favorite Large Senior 5 division, the World Cup Shooting Stars went into finals tied for first with Cheer Athletics Panthers. In the end, Shooting Stars were able to out-perform Panthers with their “Dancing with the Stars” themed routine to take home the World Champion title for the second time in three years. The results came as a surprise to many, since World Cup hadn’t won a large national competition all season, and Cheer Athletics hadn’t had a big win since The Majors in January. All season long, the Stingray All Stars Orange had been dominating the Large Senior 5 division, winning Cheersport Nationals, NCA All Star Nationals, and the UCA International All Star Championship, earning the Varsity Triple Crown for 2017. However, the Large Senior curse proved too strong to conquer, and Orange ended up in 5th place at Worlds.

The battle in Large Senior Coed 5 was a tough one, with Varsity Triple Crown winners Top Gun Large Coed sitting in first place after day 1, and Cheer Athletics Cheetahs and California All Star Coed not far behind. However, finals left the entire HP Field House shook when the top teams suffered uncharacteristic falls and errors, opening the door for Stingray All Stars Steel to come through and win their first-ever World Champion title in the Large Senior Coed 5 division.

There were even more surprise finishes in the International divisions. First-year team Top Gun SICk 6 had the best Worlds debut imaginable, taking home gold in the Small International Open Coed 6 division. Canadian gym Flyers All Starz had a great World Championships this year, with all 6 of their teams making finals, and their International Open 5 team Knockout took home the gold after beating out heavy-hitters Cheer Sport Great White Sharks, California All Stars Sparkle, and Cheer Extreme Cougars. But perhaps the most surprising International division win came from CheerForce Nfinity in the International Open Large Coed 5 division. Entering finals in second place, the team suffered an injury during finals that caused them to stop the routine and clear the floor. Unfortunately the injury was bad enough that the athlete was unable to re-take the floor, and the team had only a matter of minutes to pull an alternate into warm-ups and teach them the entire routine. Miraculously, Nfinity came back out and performed a solid routine, scoring high enough to knock Top Gun OO5 out of first place and take home another World Champion title.

In addition to the surprise finishes this year, there were also some teams that were able to reclaim the World Champion title for the second (or third!) year in a row. In one of the deepest divisions at the Cheerleading Worlds, Small Senior Coed 5, Brandon Senior Black took home their second consecutive win, with Prodigy All Stars Midnight and KC Cheer Fierce Five rounding out the top three. Cheer Athletics Swooshcats were able to successfully defend their 2016 World Champion title in the International Open Small Coed 5 division, beating out Pirates Athletics Golden Gun from Canada and Stingray All Stars Electric. GymTyme All Stars was the only gym to win multiple golds at Worlds this year, with their aptly-named Gold team winning a third consecutive title in the International Open 6 division, and Chrome winning the International Open Large Coed 6 division and earning the Grand Champion honor with a score of 148.1.

In the most unpredictable Worlds division, Medium Senior 5, East Celebrity Elite M5 Bombshells won their very first World Championship title, beating out previous Worlds winners Spirit of Texas A-Team and Top Gun Lady Jags. With a large number of incredibly talented teams, this division is always a toss-up as to who will win any given competition throughout the season. This season looked promising for Stingray All Stars Peach, who earned the Varsity Triple Crown after winning Cheersport Nationals, NCA All Star Nationals, and the UCA All Star Championship, but with such narrow margins, even minor mistakes dropped them down to fourth place. With such steep competition, Medium Senior 5 has crowned a different winner every single year since the division’s conception.

California All Stars was able to keep their globe streak going, with Black Ops taking home first place in the Medium Senior Coed 5 division. Their gym has won at least one World Champion title at every single World Championship dating all the way back to 2009! Spirit of Texas Royalty finished second in the division, and Cheer Extreme SMOEX was able to earn their very first Worlds medal after a tie-breaker with Maryland Twisters Reign for third place.

As usual, the Small Senior 5 division was one of the largest at the Cheerleading Worlds, but in a surprising twist, it wasn’t just the usual teams battling it out for the top spot. After a jump from third place to first place, ICE Lady Lightning was able to obtain another World Champion title, knocking Woodlands Elite Generals from first to second place in finals. Meanwhile, first-year team Central Jersey All Stars Bombshells was able to win third and prove that they’re a team to watch in the future after an amazing debut at their first World Championships in an incredibly tough division.

While this year’s World Championships threw everyone’s brackets and predictions for a loop, it proves that the international playing field is evening out, and very few gyms are dominating the entire competition anymore. This year, out of 12 divisions, 11 different programs were able to win gold. Even in the Large Senior and Large Senior Coed divisions that have fewer teams, four different winners have been crowned within the last five years. Other countries are also beginning to consistently produce teams capable of globing, with Canada winning one gold and three silvers this year, and Sweden and Australia each taking home a bronze. We can’t wait to see what talent these teams are able to produce in the future!

View a list of top ten finalists in each division below, and click the photos to view photo galleries from the competition!

Small Senior 5

1. ICE Lady Lightning

2. Woodlands Elite Generals

3. Central Jersey All Stars Bombshells

4. Cheer Extreme SSX

5. California All Stars Lady Bullets

6. East Celebrity Elite Fame

7. Stingray All Stars Apple

8. Top Gun Angels

9. Twist & Shout Lady Eve

10. KC Cheer Fearless

Small Senior Coed 5

1. Brandon Senior Black

2. Prodigy All Stars Midnight

3. KC Cheer Fierce Five

4. California All Stars Smoed

5. Twist & Shout Diamonds

6. Central Jersey All Stars Team Gunz

7. ICE Thunder

8. World Cup Odyssey

9. Vizion 20/20

10. CheerForce Blackout

Medium Senior 5

1. East Celebrity Elite M5 Bombshells

2. Spirit of Texas A-Team

3. Top Gun Lady Jags

4. Stingray All Stars Peach

5. FAME Super Seniors

6. Elite Cheer Stars

7. New Jersey Spirit Explosion FAB5

8. Ultimate Athletics Legacy

9. World Cup Suns

10. South Jersey Storm Lady Reign

Medium Senior Coed 5

1. California All Stars Black Ops

2. Rockstar Cheer Beatles

3. Cheer Extreme Smoex

4. Maryland Twisters Reign

5. Woodlands Elite Black Ops

6. Spirit of Texas Royalty

7. World Cup Omni

8. Midwest Cheer Elite DiamondKatz

9. Top Gun Fierce 5

10. Core Athletics Rochester Black Diamonds

Large Senior 5

1. World Cup Shooting Stars

2. Cheer Athletics Panthers

3. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite

4. Maryland Twisters F5

5. Stingray All Stars Orange

6. ACE Cheer Company Chiefs

7. Pittsburgh Superstars Supermodels

8. Flyers All Starz Obsession (Canada)

9. Hotcheer HOT5

10. Cheerleading Coyotes Wonder Pack (Canada)

Large Senior Coed 5

1. Stingray All Stars Steel

2. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs

3. Top Gun Large Coed

4. California All Stars Cali Coed

5. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite

6. ACE Cheer Company Warriors

7. ICE Radar

8. FAME Vengeance

9. Spirit Athletics Affliction

10. Ultimate Athletics Valor

International Open 5

1. Flyers All Starz Knockout (Canada)

2. Cheer Sport Sharks Great Whites (Canada)

3. California All Stars Sparkle

4. Cheer Extreme Cougars

5. Unity Allstars Ruby (England)

6. Desert Storm Elite Bliss

7. Southern Cross Cheerleading SCC Lady Reign (Australia)

8. Coventry Dynamite Lady Grenades (England)

9. Rising Stars Ellipse (England)

10. Queensland Cheer Elite Diamonds (Australia)

International Open Small Coed 5

1. Cheer Athletics SwooshCats

2. Pirates Athletics Golden Gun (Canada)

3. Stingray All Stars Electric

4. Prodigy All Stars Blacklight

5. Mystic All Stars Mango 5 (Canada)

6. East Coast Allstars Phoenix (Australia)

7. Dragones Elite Jackson Dragons (Chile)

8. ZOO Athletics Royals (Australia)

9. Kingston Elite All Star Royal (Canada)

10. Wildcats Leverkusen (Germany)

International Open Large Coed 5

1. CheerForce Nfinity

2. Top Gun OO5

3. Cheer Athletics Wildcats

4. Flyers All Starz Notorious (Canada)

5. Outlaws Allstars Notorious (Australia)

6. Coventry Dynamite Ignite (England)

7. Fire All Stars (Puerto Rico)

8. PCT Cobras Temptation (Canada)

9. Rudestars Jaguars (Chile)

10. ZSA Southern Tigers (Australia)

International Open 6

1. GymTyme All Stars Gold

2. Flyers All Starz Karma (Canada)

3. Gothenburg Cheer One Wildcats (Sweden)

4. Cheer Sport Sharks Grey Reef Sharks (Canada)

5. Pacific Coast Magic Majesty

6. Viqueens Spirit (Norway)

7. Dolphins Allstars (Germany)

8. OC All Stars Neon

9. Alberta Cheer Empire Royalty (Canada)

10. Dynamite Dragons (Sweden)

International Open Small Coed 6

1. Top Gun SICk 6

2. California All Stars Reckless

3. GymTyme All Stars Jade

4. Flyers All Starz Thunder (Canada)

5. Vancouver All Stars Ice Out (Canada)

6. Mystic All Stars Cherry 6 (Canada)

7. Rising Stars Electra (England)

8. UBC Tigers Coed 6 (Germany)

International Open Large Coed 6

1. GymTyme All Stars Chrome

2. Cheer Athletics Claw6

3. Southern Cross Cheerleading SCC Legacy (Australia)

4. California All Stars Rangers

5. Flyers All Starz Shock (Canada)

6. Flames All Stars Crush Coed (Canada)

7. Vaqueros All Star Rodeo (Mexico)

8. Universidad Militar Nueva Granada Wolverines (Colombia)

9. Club Deportivo Elite All Stars BCA (Colombia)

10. All Time Cheer (Puerto Rico)