Worlds 2018 Recap and Results

The Cheerleading Worlds 2018 was one for the books, with two new divisions capping off their season – Extra Small Senior 5 and Extra Small Senior Coed 5. In the Extra Small Senior 5 division, Cheer Express Miss Silver was able to keep their season-long winning streak alive to become World Champions, after winning Cheersport Nationals, NCA All Star Nationals, and the UCA International Championship earlier in the season. In the Extra Small Senior Coed 5 division, University Cheer Force Firestorm overcame a stopped routine during finals to claim their first World Championship title.

Two of the closest-scoring divisions of Worlds were the Small Senior 5 and Small Senior Coed 5 divisions. In Small Senior 5, the top five teams battled it out for a Worlds medal, with Cheer Extreme SSX ultimately taking the first place spot, followed by Woodlands Elite Generals and the California All Stars Lady Bullets. In the always-popular Small Senior Coed 5 division, the California All Stars Smoed took home another World Champion title, beating out Twist & Shout Diamonds, Central Jersey All Stars Team Gunz, and Brandon Senior Black.

In the Senior Medium 5 division, Top Gun Lady Jags are now the winningest team in the division’s history after bringing another World Champion trophy back to Miami.

As usual, all eyes were on the Large Senior 5 divisions, with everyone wondering if Cheer Athletics Panthers could break the infamous “NCA curse.” After winning NCA All Star Nationals, Panthers wanted to prove to the world that no curse could hold them down, and took down the other “big 5” teams in finals to walk away with first place. Cheer Athletics was also a big winner in the Large Senior Coed 5 division, and after placing fourth in semi-finals had a major comeback and ended up being crowned Grand Champions of the entire competition as well. But those aren’t the only two World Champion titles that Cheer Athletics walked away with – Claw6 were the big winners in the International Open Large Coed 6 division as well! They also took home silver medals in the International Open Large Coed 5 division and the International Open Small Coed 5 division.

Another program walking away from Worlds with an impressive three World Champion titles is the California All Stars. In addition to winning the Small Senior Coed 5 division, they also won gold in the International Open Small Coed 6 and Medium Senior Coed 5 divisions. They also won silver in International Open Large Coed 6 and bronze in Small Senior 5.

Canadian teams had a big moment at Worlds, with Canadian teams Cheer Sport Sharks Great White Sharks and Flyers All Starz Knockout walking away with gold and silver respectively in the International Open 5 division. Flyers All Starz Karma brought the International Open 6 gold trophy back to Canada as well, with teams from Norway and Sweden rounding out the top three, leaving US teams shut out in that division.

View results from the competition below, and congratulations to all the teams that made it to the Cheerleading Worlds 2018!


Extra Small Senior 5

  1. Cheer Express Allstars Miss Silver
  2. Green Bay Elite Lime
  3. Elite Cheer Stars
  4. Star Athletics Senior Red
  5. Cheer St. Louis Archangels
  6. Power Rocklin Lady Predators
  7. Alaska Athletics Black Ice
  8. Thrive All Stars Diamonds
  9. Crimson Heat All Stars 5 Alarm
  10. Gems Cheer Stars Ice

Extra Small Senior Coed 5

  1. University Cheer Force Firestorm
  2. Maine Stars Glory
  3. SVC All Stars X5
  4. CheerVille Athletics Anarchy
  5. Georgia Heat Black Ice
  6. Extreme All Stars Senior 5
  7. Steele Athletics Titanium
  8. Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading Guardians
  9. Valley Elite All Stars Big Red
  10. Five Star Athletics Dream

Small Senior 5

  1. Cheer Extreme Raleigh SSX
  2. Woodlands Elite Generals
  3. California All Stars San Marcos Lady Bullets
  4. ICE Lady Lightning
  5. Central Jersey All Stars Bombshells
  6. Brandon All Stars Pink
  7. Top Gun Angels
  8. Rain Athletics Aqua
  9. Cheers & More Lady Respect
  10. South Jersey Storm Lady Reign

Small Senior Coed 5

  1. California All Stars Camarillo Smoed
  2. Twist & Shout Diamonds
  3. Central Jersey All Stars Team Gunz
  4. Brandon All Stars Black
  5. Woodlands Elite Oak Ridge Recon
  6. ICE Thunder
  7. KC Cheer Fierce Five
  8. Prodigy All Stars Midnight
  9. Cheer Athletics Columbus ZeusCats
  10. Maryland Twisters Virginia Blackout

Medium Senior 5

  1. Top Gun Lady Jags
  2. FAME All Stars Super Seniors
  3. Stingray All Stars Marietta Peach
  4. Spirit of Texas A-Team
  5. Twist & Shout Edmond Obsession
  6. East Celebrity Elite M5 Bombshells
  7. New Jersey Spirit Explosion Fab5
  8. World Cup Suns
  9. All Star One Lady Bang
  10. Woodlands Elite G.I. Janes

Medium Senior Coed 5

  1. California All Stars Livermore Black Ops
  2. Spirit of Texas Royalty
  3. Woodlands Elite Black Ops
  4. Maryland Twisters Reign
  5. Rockstar Cheer Beatles
  6. Cheer Extreme Raleigh Smoex
  7. East Celebrity Elite C5 Bombsquad
  8. Top Gun Royal Jags
  9. Stingray All Stars Marietta Cobalt
  10. Fire & Ice Allstars Hail

Large Senior 5

  1. Cheer Athletics Panthers
  2. World Cup Shooting Stars
  3. Stingray All Stars Marietta Orange
  4. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite
  5. Maryland Twisters F5
  6. California All Stars Ontario Midnight
  7. ACE Cheer Company Hattiesburg Chiefs
  8. Pittsburgh Superstars Supermodels
  9. Cheer Savannah Lady Lace
  10. Fire & Ice Allstars 5 Alarm

Large Senior Coed 5

  1. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs
  2. Top Gun TGLC
  3. Stingray All Stars Marietta Steel
  4. California All Stars San Marcos Cali Coed
  5. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite
  6. ACE Cheer Company Birmingham Warriors
  7. ICE Snowed
  8. FAME All Stars Vengeance
  9. Oregon Dream Teams Dream
  10. Spirit Athletics Affliction

International Open 5

  1. Cheer Sport Sharks Great White Sharks (Canada)
  2. Flyers All Starz Knockout (Canada)
  3. GymTyme All Stars Pink
  4. Outlaws Allstars Kelly Girls (Australia)
  5. California All Stars San Marcos Sparkle
  6. East Celebrity Elite i5 Ladies
  7. Unity Allstars Ruby (England)
  8. Rising Stars Ellipse (England)
  9. Cheer Force Wolfpack Golden Girls (Canada)
  10. Intensity Cheer Extreme ICE 5 (England)

International Open Small Coed 5

  1. Prodigy All Stars Blacklight
  2. Cheer Athletics Swooshcats
  3. Brandon All Stars Smoke
  4. Coventry Dynamite Ammunition (England)
  5. Cheerleading Coyotes Wrecking Pack (Canada)
  6. New Zealand All Star Cheerleaders Legacy Legendz (New Zealand)
  7. Melbourne Cheer Academy Phoenix (Australia)
  8. Cheer Sport Sharks Cambridge Spotted Sharks (Canada)
  9. RND Elite All Stars Wicked (Canada)
  10. S2S All Stars Revolution (Australia)

International Open Large Coed 5

  1. Top Gun OO5
  2. Cheer Athletics Wildcats
  3. Flyers All Starz Notorious (Canada)
  4. PCT Cobras Temptation (Canada)
  5. Ace Athletics Riot (Canada)
  6. Devils All Stars (Colombia)
  7. Stars Vipers Anacondas
  8. Oblivion Allstars Revolution (England)
  9. TNT Allstars Cheerleading Nukes (Australia)
  10. Golden All Stars Golden Bullets (Chile)

International Open 6

  1. Flyers All Starz Karma (Canada)
  2. Viqueens Spirit (Norway)
  3. Gothenburg Cheer One Wildcats (Sweden)
  4. GymTyme All Stars Gold
  5. Cheer Sport Sharks Cambridge Grey Reef Sharks (Canada)
  6. Dolphins Allstars (Germany)
  7. OC All Stars Neon
  8. United Cheer Berlin Legends (Germany)
  9. Dynamite Dragons (Sweden)
  10. Trailblazer Allstars (England)

International Open Small Coed 6

  1. California All Stars Camarillo Reckless
  2. Top Gun SICk6
  3. Flyers All Starz Lightning (Canada)
  4. Ace Athletics Rouge (Canada)
  5. Pirates Athletics Black Flag (Canada)
  6. Ultimate Cheer Lubbock Royal Court
  7. Rising Stars Electra (England)
  8. Starlets Cheerleading Orion (Australia)
  9. Eintracht Frankfurt Coed 6 (Germany)
  10. Empire Black Suns (Chile)
  11. Force Academy Chihuahua Force Gold (Mexico)

International Open Large Coed 6

  1. Cheer Athletics Claw6
  2. California All Stars San Marcos Rangers
  3. Fire All Stars (Puerto Rico)
  4. GymTyme All Stars Chrome
  5. Flyers All Starz Shock (Canada)
  6. Southern Cross Cheer Legacy (Australia)
  7. Unity Allstars Black (England)
  8. Flames Cheerleading Crush Coed (Canada)
  9. Viqueens Cheerleaders Force (Norway)
  10. Vaqueros All Star Rodeo (Mexico)