WSF Louisville 2017 Results

The two days after the Cheer Alliance Championship in Louisville, on December 9-10, many L5 teams stayed to compete at WSF for a chance to earn one of 4 full paid Worlds bids and 8 at large Worlds bids. View a complete list of L5 competition and bid results below, and check out results from L1-L4 here!

Full Paid Bid Winners

  1. Central Jersey All Stars Bombshells (XS5)
  2. Maryland Twisters Reign (MSC5)
  3. Maryland Twisters F5 (LS5)
  4. Top Gun Large Coed (LSC5)

At Large Bid Winners

  1. Rain Athletics Aqua (SS5)
  2. Cheer Athletics Columbus Zeus Cats (SSC5)
  3. Central Jersey All Stars Team Gunz (SSC5)
  4. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite (LS5)
  5. World Cup Shooting Stars (LS5)
  6. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite (LSC5)
  7. Indiana Ultimate Intensity (IOSC5)
  8. Stingray All Stars Electric (IOSC5)

Extra Small 5

  1. Central Jersey All Stars Bombshells
  2. Cheer Fusion Allstars Perfect Storm
  3. Green Bay Elite Lime
  4. Elite Cheer Stars
  5. Maryland Twisters Virginia Ice
  6. Cheer St. Louis Archangels
  7. Buffalo Envy All Stars

Extra Small Coed 5

  1. Spirit All Stars Team ObseS5ion
  2. Fire House Gym TNT
  3. Top Notch Cheer Kings and Queens
  4. Central Illinois Athletics Black Ops

Small Senior 5

  1. Woodlands Elite Generals
  2. Rain Athletics Aqua
  3. ICE Golden Girls
  4. Step One All Stars North Phenom
  5. Midwest Xplosion Blackout
  6. Midwest Cheer Elite Femme Feline
  7. Five Star Superstars
  8. Premier Athletics Northern Kentucky Lady Leps
  9. Cheer Legendz Pumaz
  10. World Elite Crave

Small Senior Coed 5

  1. ICE Thunder
  2. Central Jersey All Stars Team Gunz
  3. Woodlands Elite Recon
  4. Cheer Athletics Columbus Zeus Cats
  5. Midwest Cheer Elite Diamond Katz
  6. Maryland Twisters Virginia Blackout
  7. GymTyme Illinois Fever
  8. Indiana Ultimate U5
  9. Premier Athletics Knoxville West Great White Sharks

Senior Medium 5

  1. Woodlands Elite G.I. Janes
  2. East Celebrity Elite Bombshells
  3. **Cheer Extreme Chicago Passion (tie)
  4. **World Cup Suns (tie)
  5. Stingray All Stars Peach

Senior Medium Coed 5

  1. Maryland Twisters Reign
  2. Stingray All Stars Cobalt
  3. Woodlands Elite Black Ops
  4. Reign Athletics Matrix

Large Senior 5

  1. Maryland Twisters F5
  2. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite
  3. World Cup Shooting Stars

Large Senior Coed 5

  1. Top Gun Large Coed
  2. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite

International Open 5

  1. Cheerletics Royalty Wi5H
  2. N.E.O. All Stars Panthers

International Open Small Coed 5

  1. Stingray All Stars Electric
  2. Indiana Ultimate Insanity
  3. Allstar Athletics Revival

International Open Large Coed 5

  1. World Elite Temptation

Youth Restricted 5

  1. World Cup Twinkles
  2. Cheer Extreme Youth Elite

Junior Restricted 5

  1. Stingray All Stars Royal
  2. Green Bay Elite Gold

Small Junior 5

  1. East Celebrity Elite J-WOW
  2. Cheer Extreme Chicago Obsession

Large Junior 5

  1. Cheer Extreme Crush
  2. ICE Frost

Junior Coed 5

  1. Stingray All Stars Green
  2. Cheer Extreme Charlotte Princesses
  3. World Cup Starlites

Small Senior Restricted 5

  1. Cheer Extreme Charlotte Lady Elite
  2. Midwest Xplosion Code Red
  3. Buckeye Cheer Elite Pride

Small Senior Restricted Coed 5

  1. GymTyme Illinois Twist
  2. Step One All Stars North Excellent
  3. Midwest Cheer Elite Columbus Boss
  4. Cheer St. Louis Guardian Angels
  5. Indiana Ultimate Electric Blue

Small Senior Restricted Coed 5 – D2

  1. Pride of Illinois Phoenix
  2. Full Out Tumble and Cheer Black Hearts
  3. Extreme Athletics Black Smack
  4. Bluegrass Athletics Black Out

Medium Senior Restricted 5

  1. Top Gun All Stars YOSO
  2. East Celebrity Elite Royal 5

Large Senior Restricted 5

  1. GymTyme All Stars Lady Red
  2. Stingray All Stars Spice
  3. Cheer Extreme Salem Legacy