NHSCC 2020 Results

UCA College Nationals 2020 TV Air Dates

UCA College Nationals 2020 Recap & Results

University World Cup Cheerleading Championships 2020 Results

Jamfest SuperNationals 2020 Results

The Majors 2020 Results

The Cheerleading Worlds, ICU Worlds, & Summit 2020 Dates Changed

The D2 Summit 2019 Results

The Summit 2019 Results

Worlds 2019 Recap & Results

NCA College Nationals 2019 Results

UCA International All Star Championship 2019 Results

NCA All Star Nationals 2019 Results

Cheersport Nationals 2019 Results

NHSCC 2019 Recap & Results

USA Cheer Announces 2019 Team Members

UCA College Nationals 2019 Recap & Results

WSF Louisville 2018 Results

Cheer Alliance 2018 Results

Florida Top Dog Showcase 2018

D2 Summit 2018 Results

The Summit 2018 Results

Worlds 2018 Recap and Results

NCA College Nationals 2018 Recap & Results

UCA International All Star Championship 2018 Recap & Results

NCA All Star Nationals 2018 Recap & Results

Cheersport Nationals 2018 Results

NHSCC 2018 Recap & Results

Jamfest Super Nationals 2018 Results

The Majors 2018 Results

Team USA Announces 2018 Team Members

UCA College Nationals 2018 Recap & Results

American Grand 2017 Results

WSF Louisville 2017 Results

Cheer Alliance 2017 Recap & Results

The Majors 2018 Team Announcements

Cheerleading Worlds Part 2 Air Date

Cheerleading Worlds Airing on TV on May 28

D2 Summit 2017

Summit 2017

Cheerleading Worlds 2017

ICU World Championships 2017

NCA College Nationals 2017

NCA Television Air Dates

UCA International All Star Championship 2017

NCA All Star Nationals 2017

Cheersport Nationals 2017

NHSCC 2017 TV Air Dates

World School Cheerleading Championship 2017

UCA 2017 National High School Cheerleading Championship

UCA College Nationals TV Air Dates

USASF Rule Changes 2017-18

JAMfest Super Nationals 2017 Results

The Majors 2017 Results

NCA High School Nationals 2017

Team USA Cheer Tryouts

World University Cheerleading Championships 2017

UCA College Nationals 2017

Nfinity Champions League 4

Aloha Productions merges with Varsity Spirit

Cheer Alliance 2016

Cheerleading granted provisional Olympic status

The Majors 2017 Team Announcements

Worlds 2016 Air Dates

Summit 2016 Recap & Results

ICU Worlds 2016 Recap & Results

Summit 2016 Wildcard Results

Worlds 2016 Recap & Results

NCA College Nationals 2016 Recap & Results

NCA College Nationals Day 1 Results

Champions League 3 Results

March 2016:

Third Annual All Star Games Hits Las Vegas

UCA International All Star Championship 2016 Recap & Results

NCA All Star Nationals TV Air Dates Announced

February 2016:

NCA All Star Nationals 2016 Recap & Results

ESPN Air Dates Announced

Cheersport Nationals 2016 Results

UCA 2016 National High School Cheerleading Championship

Disney Announces Plans For New Cheer & Dance Venue

January 2016:

World University Cheerleading Championship 2016 Results

UCA College Nationals 2016 Results

The Majors 2016 Results

A Big Weekend for Cheerleading

December 2015:

The JAM Brands Merges with Varsity

November 2015:

Florida Top Dog Showcase 2015

October 2015:

New Cheerleading Show on YouTube

September 2015:

What’s New For Worlds

Cheerleaders’ 9/11 routine goes viral

Vote for your favorite team to compete at The Majors!

August 2015:

All Star Cheerleader Featured on Today Show

“Cheerleaders” returns to California All Stars

May 2015:

The Summit 2015 Results

April 2015:

2015 Cheerleading Worlds Recap & Results

2015 ICU World Cheerleading Championships Results

NCA College Nationals 2015 Results

March 2015:

Champions League 2 Preview

UCA International All Star Championship Recap & Results

NCA All Star Nationals Recap & Results

February 2015:

ESPN Air Dates for UCA College Nationals

NHSCC 2015 Recap & Results

“Cheerleaders – New Jersey” to Premiere on ATV

The Champions League 2016

January 2015:

Team USA Members Announced

2015 UCA College Nationals Recap & Results

Varsity announces switch to Varsity All Star Scoring System

December 2014:

New Web Series Debut

ICE All Stars Acquires Legendary Premier All Stars

November 2014:

The All Star Games announces mega-star host

October 2014:

Varsity announces 2015 Triple Crown division

Team USA Cheer Tryouts

August 2014:

The Majors announces exhibition team

The Majors announces Large Senior Coed division

The Champions League lineup announced

July 2014:

The Majors announces Medium Coed division

World Champion cheerleaders featured on ABC’s Nightline

The Majors reveals Senior All Girl 2015 competitors

Varsity announces 220 Wild Card bids to Summit 2015

June 2014:

FAME All Stars announces UK gym

Nfinity Champions League 2015 news

May 2014:

Maryland Twisters F5 moves back to Large Senior 5 division

California All Stars adding new Worlds team

The Summit 2014 Results

April 2014:

Cheerleading Worlds 2014 Results

NCA College Nationals Results

March 2014:

UCA International All Star Championship Results

February 2014:

NCA All Star Nationals Results

Nfinity announces 2014 Nfinity Legends

ESPN & UCA Announced NHSCC TV Air Dates

ESPN & UCA Announce College Nationals Air Dates

NHSCC results

Spirit Sports results

January 2014:

UCA College Nationals results

The Majors results




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